The following are the majoritarian measures adopted by the Sri Lankan government to establish Sinhala supremacy. It lays down rules regarding the organisation, powers and functions of government. Discrimination based on religion and language further deprived other communities in Sri Lanka. is an online article publishing site that helps you to submit your knowledge so that it may be preserved for eternity. The language of the constitution should be simple, clear and unambiguous. During past few years, a number of surveys on students were made to better understand their problems regarding their studies and their basic requirement. Answer: Question.8 6. Question 5. Each state has a Constitution which lays down the organisation, powers and functions of the Government of the State. In 1956, an act was passed to recognise Sinhala as the only official language, thus disregarding Tamil. (ii) Secondly, it maintains continuity in administration. 10. (ii) Secondly, it is very helpful in meeting emergencies because it can be easily amended. It enjoys the place of supremacy. Explain how power is shared among between different organs of government. There are many reason as to why power sharing is important in a democracy. Explain the three ways by which Belgium has accommodated the existing regional differences and cultural diversities. In several respects, it is a rigid constitution but in practice it has mostly worked as a flexible constitution. It is never written by any assembly. It is found in several historical charters, laws and conventions. Answer: The Constitution must empower the judiciary with the power to interpret, protect and defend the Constitution and the fundamental rights and freedoms of the people against the possible legislative and executive excesses. The Government can use only those powers which the Constitution grants to it. Our mission is to liberate knowledge. Constitutional amendments are passed in the same manner by which an ordinary law is passed. Do you think that the steps taken by Shri Lankan Government to establish the supremacy of Sinhalas were justified be long lasting? In an unwritten constitution, most of the parts are unwritten and are not written in the form of a book. The government is fully bound by its provisions and works strictly in accordance with its provisions. Describe any three provisions of the act which was passed in Sri Lanka in 1956 to establish Sinhala supremacy. The power is shared between different organs of the government in horizontal form of power sharing. Answer: 1. The Constitution of India is partly rigid and partly flexible. KEY FEATURES OF FEDERALISM:{write any 5} 1}There are two or more levels (or tiers) of government. The constitution has the ability to keep pace with the changing times. Preserving Your Articles for Eternity. Belgium constitution was amended four times before arriving at a final draft to prevent civil strife. Question 11. What are the merits and demerits of Unwritten Constitution ? Sharing of powers makes a country more powerful and united. It is duly passed after a thorough discussion over its objectives, principles and provisions. For passing or amending an ordinary law, the legislature usually passes the law by a simple majority of its members. For amending it, the legislature has to pass an amendment bill by a specific, usually big, majority of 2/3rd or 3/4th. Evolved Constitutions is the product of historical evolution and of political needs and practical wisdom of the people. (i) First, the chief demerit of a rigid constitution is that it fails to keep pace with fast changing social environment. An excessive rigidity or excessive flexibility should be avoided. Explain two reasons as to why power sharing is desirable. The Constitution must empower the judiciary with the power to interpret, protect and defend the Constitution and the fundamental rights and freedoms of the people against the possible legislative and executive excesses. It provides for independence of judiciary and rule of law. Its method of amendment is difficult. (ii) Secondly, because of its inability to change easily, at times, it hinders the process of social development. It lays down the organisation and functions of the government of state. When the Belgian leaders recognized the existence of regional differences and cultural diversities, they amended their constitution four times in order to accommodate these differences. It is so because it allows different organs of government to be placed at the same level to exercise different powers. The Constitution of India is written and the supreme law of the land. Power sharing ensures that all people have stake in government. The constitution governs all and no one can violate its rules. (v) Fifthly, a rigid constitution can be a source of conservativeness. Explain the major key features of federalism. However, an unwritten constitution is not totally unwritten. Both the countries have adopted very different approaches when it comes to power sharing. 1. Answer: Let us now discuss the features of Indian constitution. No one, not even the government, can violate the Constitution. It reflects the sovereign will of the people. The government is organised and it functions in accordance with several well settled, but not wholly written rules and conventions. Hi, Follow this link: It is a product of slow and gradual evolution. As a result, a civil war was proclaimed and thousands of people were killed when their legitimate demands were denied by the Sri Lankan government. The powers of the king were reduced to a great extent. 2. In a federation, a flexible constitution can lead to undesirable changes in the constitution by the federal government or by the governments of federating units. Some of these conventions get recognised by law and hence become enforceable while others are followed because these are supported by public opinion, their practical utility and moral commitment in their favour. Before publishing your Article on this site, please read the following pages: 1. (i) First, a rigid constitution is a source of stability in administration. Power sharing helps to reduce the possibility of conflict between social groups. Answer: Under the Belgium model of democracy, power was shared among two ethnic groups. In Belgium, both the groups had equal share in working of government but in Sri Lanka the minority community was isolated. How have Belgium and Sri Lanka dealt with the question of power sharing differently? The following are the ways in which Belgium has accommodated the existing regional differences and cultural diversities. The passing of this act created a feeling of alienation among the minority group, i.e. The British Parliament is a sovereign parliament which can make or amend any law or constitutional law by a simple majority. Several political scientists advocate the view that a flexible constitution is one in which the constitutional law can be amended in the same way as an ordinary law. Constitution: Meaning, Types and Importance of Constitution! The Constitution of Great Britain presents a key example of an evolved constitution. (ii) Secondly, it is not suitable for a federation. How has it increased the feelings of alienation among Sri Lankan Tamils? 7. No hard and fast rule can be laid down as to whether a state should have a flexible or a rigid constitution. However some of its parts are also found written in some charters and other documents. It involves sharing powers with those affected by its exercise and who have to live with its effects, so that the people would be consulted on how they are to be governed. Flexibility enables the government in power to give it a desired dress and content. It is a good way to ensure the stability of political order as social conflict often leads to violence and political instability. Essay on the Demerits of a Written Constitution. About STUDYGUIDE360 Question 15. British Constitution presents a classic example of a most flexible constitution. Every democratic Constitution guarantees to the citizens a protection against arbitrary governmental actions. It can grow becomes old very soon because it cannot Keep pace with times. Even the basic rights were not given to them. The Government followed preferential policies that favoured Sinhala applicants for university positions and government jobs. Highlight the measures adopted by the Belgium Constitution for the prevention of conflicts in Belgium. The language of the constitution should be simple, clear and unambiguous. Describe the demands of Sri Lankan Tamils. (ii) Each level of government has its own jurisdiction in matters of legislation, taxation and administration even though they govern the same citizens. Belgium produced an ideal example of democratic system. All the articles you read in this site are contributed by users like you, with a single vision to liberate knowledge. Answer: Sri Lanka and Belgium are both democratic countries yet have a very diverse social set-up. Here we present Power Sharing Class 10 Important Questions and Answers Pdf Social Science Political Science Chapter 1, We have collected all the important questions which came in the previous year exams. Sri Lanka and Belgium are both democratic countries yet have a very diverse social set-up. ” Constitution of a state is that body of rules or laws, written or unwritten which determine the organisation of government, the distribution of powers to the various organs of government and the general principles on which these powers are to be exercised.” -Gilchrist. An unwritten constitution is one which is neither drafted nor enacted by a Constituent Assembly and nor even written in the form of a book. Majoritarianism is a concept which signifies a belief that the majority community should be able to rule a country in whichever way it wants. In the year 1956, an act was passed, which established Sinhala as the official language to be used in Sri Lanka disregarding the minority group of Tamils. Constitution is the supreme law and all government institutions and members are bound by it. The Sri Lankan Government further proclaimed that they shall foster and protect only Buddhism as their Sate religion and refused to cater to any other religion disregarding the religion of Sri Lankan Tamils. is a free service that lets you to preserve your original articles for eternity. Explain any five key features of Federalism. Sharing of power makes a country more powerful and united because of the following reasons. It is a consciously framed and enacted constitution. Describe any three ‘majoritarian measures’ taken by the Sri Lankan Government to establish Sinhala supremacy. Explain with examples. There are two sets of government, one at the centre, the other at state level and the distribution of powers between them is quite detailed in our Constitution. Power sharing makes a country more united. It lays down the fundamental political code, structure, procedures, powers, and duties of government institutions. An unwritten constitution is the result of a gradual process of constitutional evolution. Question 7. 9. The concept of democracy is a system of government of the people, by the people and for the people, which emphasizes on distribution of power among people.