To plant at a state or national park, you need to first contact the relevant park service for permission and guidance on the type of tree to plant so you do not disrupt the ecosystem of the park. It can be a beautiful memorial right outside your door, and something that can be viewed daily from the kitchen window to keep the memory of your loved one present. In general, many parts of the U.S. allow for burying or scattering ashes on private property. Multiple Tree Memorials Many families are choosing to divide up cremated ashes among family members or friends of a loved one and plant multiple tree memorials in their honor. In addition, The Living Urn recently formed partnerships with over 30 cemeteries and memorial parks nationwide and together have formed Memory Forests – places where a loved one’s cremated ashes can be planted with a tree and cared for. If you’re considering a Living Urn tree memorial and are trying to decide where to plant cremated ashes, hopefully the ideas highlighted above are helpful. The Living Urn comes with instructions on planting less than one set of ashes with a tree memorial, making it easy on families who choose to do this. 5. Below we’ve highlighted some of the most popular places for planting of cremated ashes with The Living Urn: Many people choose to plant their loved one’s cremated ashes with a biodegradable urn on their own property or the property of a friend or family member. We all love our city parks and for some of us they have a special meaning. Plant a tree in memory in England, Scotland or Ireland. The Living Urn has heard many stories of families planting at a golf course. Most cemeteries and memorial parks are protected areas that will never be built on and the land use will remain a cemetery or memorial park indefinitely. Enjoy the tree’s natural beauty, the shade it provides, and the wildlife it brings to your yard and that it supports. When a loved one passes, we can honour their precious time by planting a memorial tree in their name. Over the past few years, The Living Urn has heard many stories of many families who have planted Living Urns at these parks and now make it a regular place to visit. See them here. Planting a tree in loving memory of someone special is a poignant way to express our sorrow. Many people love to visit State and National Parks throughout the year. Subscribe to receive special offers from The Living Urn, 6500 S. Quebec St., Suite 300  Greenwood Village, CO 80111. They have a wide selection of trees to choose from, along with knowledgeable staff that can answer all of your questions concerning proper planting. Dedications are available in Woodland Trust woods across the UK and can range from individual trees to whole areas of woodland. Golf courses often need trees and many golf courses are open to this idea, however, you most likely will need to plant a tree species that fits with the other trees growing at the course. Plant a memorial tree for someone in the United Kingdom and send a personalized card. This can be a memorial at more than one favorite place, or a memorial for each family member or friend. We believe this is a beautiful idea and if your church has not already done so, it would be a great idea to propose. Planting trees at the church adds beauty for everyone to enjoy and keeps the memory of the lost loved ones present. Dedicating a tree or woodland provides a living, growing memorial to a loved one and a poignant way of remembering them.