This story is a next generation Avatar fic, taking place 80 years after the end of LOK, in a world that has changed a lot thanks to not only the existence of the third spirit portal, but also many other events that took place in between. I want to be a computer programmer, you know, like they show on TV. She trailed off, still trying to process that she had a conversation with a member of one of the Earth Union's most prominent triad families. ", The bartender rolled his eyes. His hair was short and slicked back, his beard as gray as his hair, giving him that wise leader appearance that Akira always associated his father with. "You roughed up my boys the other day at the train station! "If this is about that skirmish with Junpei, I just want to say that fat dimwit was the one who started it." Akira wondered if his family modeled their birthday parties after ancient Earth Monarch coming of age ceremonies, because sometimes he felt as if a little too much work was put into these celebrations. He and Hua were already moving to her aid, throwing blasts of air and rock at the spirit. Quote. "You my boys into comas and call it keeping a promise?!" Those who survive the possessions end up with lots of unneeded appendages or develop odd powers. The future of the universe rests on one young man, Kamui Shiro, who must destroy either the ... See full summary ». You're just waste more air trying to do that." Jian went to his car and got in with his guards sitting up front. He was already heading to the door without waiting for a reply, not taking notice of the grateful looks the old couple gave him. "This month's the summer solstice. "And your friends?" "Nice of you to drop in." "Blue…lady?" 'Enjoy business while you can.' ", Akira rolled his eyes. Blood spurted from his out of date punk rock jacket as the sharp blade of air tore into his flesh and he stumbled back in pain. Mais le passé de Buruu rend la tâche difficile, et la confiance des Kagé est fragilisée par la trahison qu’ils viennent de subir. "Sixteen and already sporting a girl on your arm. Chat. The Iron Fan triad was composed of over five families that had close ties to the ruling Fa family. I trust you've all had a peaceful year despite the growing unrest within the Earth Union." "You little bastard!" The bartender grinned and turned away while the young woman, still ignoring her annoyed boyfriend, watched on curiously. In a post-apocalyptic future where humans live in domed cities surrounded by wasteland, wolves are assumed to be two hundred years extinct. ", "Anyone with time on their hands is heading over to Republic City for the memorial service. It's cool visiting Republic City, but having to deal with all that triad bull crap every time I step foot into that city got annoying fast.". The kind of dangers that not even Republic City had to deal with. "So how did you girls find me so quickly?" He was leaning against the tree trunk, but he didn't feel stiff or itchy from the rough bark. He whined.

He took a minute to think about his next words, before saying, "But father, you know that we won't be able to protect him forever. "I'm giving you a hug. "Filthy animal!" The woman said. You two, ladies.". If you or anything of your "boys" ever tries to start something with anybody on my turf, and that includes the hostess clubs and the massage parlors, I'll make sure that you Agni Kai triad knock-offs will never see the next sunrise.". "I can pass a message to him, but he's a busy man. Book 1-Metal. ", "No," Hua shook her head. After helping Yukino to her table, Akira stood to the side watching the guests mingle and chat with each other. Kiki rested in his folded legs, shifting a bit in her sleep.

The creepy Fire Nation nightmare did seem dead set on snuffing me out, though." Avatar: The Lotus War < > Most recent. She and her friends find themselves under attack from the evil Zaibach empire, and the Guymelf ... See full summary », Kamui Shirou and Fuuma Monou have been best friends ever since they were kids.

The bartender couldn't hold in his bellowing laugh. "Did he say anything about why he attacked you?" This scene caused murmurs to ripple through the crowd as they looked on in concern and disdain. He arrived at the mansion first, and greeted Akira as if he were his uncle and not some old dude that he barely knew. "Now that I have your attention, let me make one thing clear. "Hey Jade…Hua…" Akira said in a weak voice. Stormdancer. His bright green eyes, a trait he shared with his sons and had inherited from his own mother, looked at his youngest son with a bit of exasperation, though mostly relief. A group of medieval adventurers must participate in a war against dark forces in the land of Lodoss. He asked with a smile. The spirit coughed. "You got a problem with that, gramps?". Akira grimaced at the dense wall of heat that met him and stretched his collar out a bit.

He asked. She was dressed in black, and though she looked frail, she stood tall and proud, though her shoulders sagged in sadness. Jade said. The street vendors sold everything they had on hand to quench their thirst. Hua said. Jian was reading through the newspaper and came across yet another article about a spirit attack that occurred just a night ago. "No, she wasn't yapping surprisingly. I don't like killing people, but I'll do what I have to in order to maintain peace in my city. "Don't ask me why, but I can put down all but the finest sake without so much as a blush.

The enlarged tenko now had a large powerful body, with two long tails with flames flickering at their tips, large red eyes with black narrow pupils and a mouth sporting large fangs ready to tear into flesh.