This is the first time a report has been made public involving such powerful individuals. The CCP has the evidence that indicates that in 2019 only, the domestic price of sugar hiked by Rs. This is Naya Pakistan that IK promised. Among them, they availed of a total of 15.83pc export subsidy, amounting to Rs3.944bn during 2015-18. Having said that, what is IK willing to do about it. Who will probe and recover this no one, its our money, taxpayers money that is looted,, All of his inner circle is crook! If yes then same in India, Bangladesh and other developing countries. The enquiry report said that from the evidence available, it appears that since 2017 PSMA Punjab Zone has created zonal divisions for the purposes of coordination among respective mills on local sales as the phrase ‘Sales committee comprising of one member from each zone to meet periodically’ indicates. While Niazi Sb has miserably failed to bring back the 'looted money' from Nawaz and Zardari to the country, will he be able to bring it back from Tareen, Bakhtiar and Elahi? The humanitarian dimensions of the media’s economic crisis are much too evident to be discounted. Wheat has gluten and sugar causes diabetes. Now it will go under the carpet, Despite a depressing picture of the industry portrayed by PSMA financial statements of various companies suggest that they were making profits. Now the question is that all these culprits will be penalised??? It is the prosecution that will make a difference. Only leaders like IK has the courage to reveal such kind of reports. Now let's see if they can act on it. Industrial average Sucrose content for sugarcane is above 14% but Sugar Mill owners claim that in Pakistan it is only 8%. positive is that everyone involved, including people from ruling party, have been named. @India , Just imagine if it was ppp or pmln, would they public the investigation or even make the investigations. Else why these people come into politics? They have taken the subsidy by exporting sugar despite being low in production. These Nationalize all the sugar mills to stop this rut year after year. 18/kg due to the commodity’s export while the sugar barons made an additional gain of Rs. If you don’t export surplus sugar how do you pay for cpec and other imports? The very first sugar mill was established in the Sindh province. Vow! Hats off to Prime Minister of Pakistan,Imran Khan for directive to publish Report of sugar scam and had ordered stern action against those found involved in the crises irrespective of their status and party affiliation wait and see to keep his promise.(Texas). In the second report, the reasons and persons behind the wheat or wheat flour crisis have been exposed. Ideal time to release bad news as people fight for their lives. THE opening of the Kartarpur Corridor last year, providing visa-free access to a revered gurdwara located on... Sugar crisis probe report leaves ruling alliance red-faced, PM Imran was 'under pressure' over allegations PTI members behind sugar crisis: Tareen, PML-N wants mills owned by Tareen, Bakhtiar searched, Sugar, wheat crises due to govt's negligence, acknowledges PM Imran, مردوں کو بانجھ پن سے بچانے میں مددگار مزیدار سوغات, پاکستان کی ’مہنگی ترین‘ شادی پر ماسٹر ٹائلز کے ڈائریکٹر کو ایف بی آر کا نوٹس, پبلک ٹرانسپورٹ کے بجائے اپنی گاڑیوں میں سفر معاشرتی تقسیم کا سبب بن رہا ہے؟, Younis confirmed as batting coach for two years, October remittances grow 14pc, rising for fifth straight month, India to regulate streaming services, online content, PTI cannot give time frame for Nawaz’s return: SAPM, PMC restrained from holding MDCAT on 15th without key bodies, Madiha Imam opens up about the pressures on women to get married, This 'true wonder of nature' pink diamond sold for more than Rs4.6bn, In films and in real life, I live in the character of a heroine, says Meera, ISI, Rangers officials involved in Sindh IG incident removed pending further proceedings: ISPR, US embassy in Islamabad apologises for sharing 'unauthorised' tweet against PM Imran, Trump 'singled me out' because of my faith, London's mayor Sadiq Khan says, Several wounded in WWI memorial attack at Jeddah cemetery for non-Muslims, PM urged to highlight India’s occupation of Junagarh, Army inquiry report on Karachi incident 'rejected': Nawaz Sharif, UAE stays senators’ favourite spot for investment.