To start, next to the basilica is the Doge’s Palace, this sumptuous building was the home of the rulers of Venice for centuries and still today is a monument to wealth and power. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. It was founded in the 9th century to house the corpse of St Mark after wily Venetian merchants smuggled it out of Egypt in a barrel of pork fat. Discover the heart of Venice, St. Mark's Basilica with priority access and learn about its fascinating history and architecture with an expert guide. Located behind the high altar, the Pala d’Oro (€2) is one of the jewels in the crown of St. Mark’s Basilica. Tickets, guided tours, gondola tours, day-trips… There are plenty of things to do in Venice. The Captain suggests having a look at Musement and Tiqets, which are online platforms specialised in selling tourist activities  worldwide. This was a fundamental fact for Venice to be constituted as an independent episcopal seat. The icon was brought to Venice by Enrico Dandolo (d. 1205 CE) and the altar of the Virgin Nicopeia remains in St. Mark's Basilica until today. Over the centuries more and more extensions and decorations were added, most brought to Venice from far away places. Der Markusdom hat 5 Kuppeln, die alle an den Querarmen des griechischen Kreuzes errichtet wurden. [52], The treasury "now houses the best single collection of Byzantine metalwork, and particularly of enameling, that survives", including two imperial chalices of antique sardonyx with Byzantine gold and enamel mounts, marked "Romanos", the name of four emperors.[53]. Von draußen können Sie Ihren Besuch mit dem herrlichen Anblick der Außenfassaden des Markusdoms abschließen. Von der Spitze des Campanile (Markusturm) wird Ihnen eine unglaubliche Aussicht über Venedig geboten. The Horses of Saint Mark were installed on the balcony above the portal of the basilica in about 1254. Kann man den Markusdom an bestimmten Tagen kostenlos besuchen?Ja, von April bis Oktober werden täglich (außer an Sonn- und Feiertagen) kostenlose geführte Touren angeboten, die von der Kirchenverwaltung organisiert werden. The lower register of walls and pillars is completely covered with polychrome marble slabs. Basilica di San Marco San Marco, 328 30124 Venice Telephone: +39 041 2708311 Email:

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The best place to view these domes are from the galleries near the museum. Erleben Sie auf der Tour den Höhepunkt der byzantinischen Kunst mit einfachem Zugang zur Pala d'Oro und zur Schatzkammer. Originally it was the … Make sure your shoulders and legs are covered (you can bring a scarf or a shawl to cover yourself during the visit if you are wearing shorts or a tank top). The Captain’s recommendations on restaurants in Bruges, The Rialto Bridge: the most famous bridge in Venice, The Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute in Venice, The Venetian Arsenal: the symbol of Venice’s sea power, the Horses of St. Mark, which were brought to Venice following the sack of Constantinople in 1204 (the horses adorning the façade are actually copies of the original bronze statues, which are on display in the Museum of St. Mark), the five portals of the basilica, each crowned with carved arches and mosaics, the oldest of which dates back to the 13th century. Built by Merchants of the Venetian Republic, St. Mark's Basilica reflected the wealth and power of the Venetian traders. Jede dieser Kuppeln ist mit überreichen goldenen Mosaiken versehen und stellt eine bestimmte Bibelszene dar: Die Schöpfung (im Narthex), Pfingsten (die westliche Kuppel), Himmelfahrt (Zentralkuppel), das Leben des Heiligen Johannes (nördliche Kuppel) sowie das Leben von Sankt Leonard, Sankt Nikolaus, Clemens und Blaise (südliche Kuppel).

St. Mark the Evangelist; The Basilica: political and religious function; The Fourth Crusade; Venice and the East; The Doges and the Basilica; The Patriarches and the Basilica ; Essential chronology; Liturgical calendar. You will also cruise past the Salute Church and Punta della Dogana. Similar images are found in the Chludov Psalter and elsewhere. Zur Spitze des Markusturm führt ein Aufzug. Die fünf Kuppeln lassen sich am besten von den Galerien in der Nähe des Museums besichtigen. Did you know that during the high tide (acqua alta) you can visit the basilica walking through catwalks? Mit 13.000 Manuskripten, 24.055 Werken aus der Renaissance und Millionen anderer gedruckter Bücher gehört die Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana zweifellos zu den größten Bibliotheken der Welt. The function of the basilica remained the same until 1807, after the end of the Venetian Republic, when the basilica finally became subject to the local bishop, the Patriarch of Venice, though from the 12th century he had had a throne there, opposite the doge's.
Designed in the shape of a Greek Cross, St. Mark’s Basilica has splendid marble inlays on the floor arranged in a geometric pattern along with animal designs. Dennoch gelangen Sie mit einem Schnelleinlass-Ticket schneller in die Basilika und müssen vielleicht nur 15 Minuten anstehen, anstatt 45 Minuten ohne ein Schnelleinlass-Ticket.
This new structure is made of layers of white marble that were procured from the Middle East. For any queries please contact There are several transept chapels in St. Mark's Basilica. Der Boden wurde mit Marmorverzierungen versehen, die in geometrischen Mustern angeordet sind. [5] The famous Madonna Nicopeia, also known as the icon of the Virgin Nicopeia, was looted from the Monastery of Stoudios and was one of the city's most precious icons, carried into battle by various Byzantine emperors. Jahrhunderts von Jacopo Sansovino errichtet wurde, ist eine der wenigen Bibliotheken, die sich in erster Linie altgriechischen und lateinischen Kodizes widmete. Explore St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace as your guide explains the historical relevance of the alluring structures for an hour. the statue of the Four Tetrarchs representing four Roman emperors, nestled in the south-west corner of the basilica. The works of the present basilica began in 1063 in Byzantine style to represent the power of the prosperous Venetian Republic. It includes the Ascension of Christ in the central dome and Pentecost in the west dome.

Find out more here. It lies at the eastern end of the Piazza San Marco, adjacent and connected to the Doge's Palace. Be the first to rate this post.

The west wall has a 13th-century deesis below a Last Judgement in the vault, and a huge Tree of Jesse was added to the end wall of the north transept in 1548. A tour through the beating heart of Venice. Q. Yes! Hence, skip the line tickets are still a better bet! [39], The main work on the interior mosaics was apparently complete by the 1270s, with work on the atrium continuing into the 1290s. [29] It has long been recognised that the compositions are very close to those of the Cotton Genesis, an important 4th- or 5th-century Greek luxury illuminated manuscript copy of the Book of Genesis, now in the British Library, though very badly damaged in a fire of 1731. A guided tour around St. Mark’s Basilica will expose you to the details of all these chapels and more.