It really depends on where you grew up in the south, since it seems like every region and every family has their own way of flavoring fried chicken. But I needn't have been afraid. I used half Crisco and half vegetable oil. I was afraid of frying chicken in oil because I'd never done it. Remove the chicken from the marinade and dip into the spiced flour. Click here to calculate the amount of wings to buy for a group of people. I tried this out and loved what it added to the chicken. I made this last week for the entire family. Information is not currently available for this nutrient. I didn't even use an egg wash just double-coated the chicken pieces. This means I put thighs with thighs, legs with legs, etc. Baking with Shake‘n Bake is easy and tastes great! This recipe is fantastic! My dad ate 3 pieces and said he hadn't had chicken that good since he was a kid. Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Deep Fried, Whole Chicken. We have determined the nutritional value of oil for frying based on a retention value of 10% after cooking. I also always use a hint given to me by a wonderful elderly black southern lady; 20 minutes before cooking your chicken, place in a bath of ice water and pour a liberal amount of salt in and let it sit. In conclusion, this is a dank recipe and I hope you try it out. The same principle applies to frying food. For the marinade, combine all the ingredients for the marinade and coat the chicken in a shallow dish. Breasts are usually too big to fry together, so I fry them alone. This recipe seemed almost too simple and plain. Alternative to the deep fryer, you can also use an enameled cast iron Dutch oven on a burner. Also, for those of you who had the flour fall off the chicken while cooking, that comes from not allowing the oil to heat properly. I want you to try this recipe, because it honestly shocked me how on the mark this fried chicken recipe was for what I was trying the get at. Heat the vegetable oil to in a deep heavy-bottomed saucepan, until a breadcrumb sizzles and browns when dropped in it. 2. Shake'n Bake Southern Fried Chicken Coating Mix is a tasty Southern twist to the Original Shake 'n Bake with a blend of herbs, spices and breadcrumbs right at your fingertips. But I believe southern fried chicken needs a little spice to keep your tastebuds interested! Place chicken pieces into your large mixing bowl. Consistency is key, don’t get impatient! Beautiful! This is why the breading and resting process is so important to frying chicken. Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Wings for 10-12 minutes, legs for 12-14 minutes, thighs for 12-14 minutes, and breasts 14-16 minutes. To make the best southern-fried chicken, marinate the chicken thighs overnight in buttermilk. Fry the chicken, a few pieces at a time, for about 10 minutes on each side, or until golden brown and thoroughly cooked. The chicken was so crispy and delicious I at it for dinner for a week and it was still mouthwatering. Shop your favorite kitchen utensils! If you are curious, click through and consider purchasing them through Amazon, where I receive a small commission which helps support me being able to bring more incredible content to you. Frying perfectly crispy buttermilk southern fried chicken in your home is easy enough for anyone to do! Fry your chicken pieces in small batches, I prefer frying the same pieces together. I think you should give it a go since it balances the flavors really nicely. Beautiful! The flour, corn starch, and baking powder dry out the chicken and leach moisture from the chicken. great fried chicken! You’ll want to make sure you don’t overcrowd your oil, because severe drops in temperature may occur if you do. While much of the crisp and flavor is achieved before frying it, the fry is an important step to finishing out the chicken. (A magical feat as far as I'm concerned.) Now thats some REAL southern FRIED chicken! 491 calories; protein 32.8g 66% DV; carbohydrates 16.1g 5% DV; fat 32g 49% DV; cholesterol 97mg 32% DV; sodium 93.7mg 4% DV. I have always been intimidated by frying chicken. Southern fried chicken is deep, golden brown and incredibly crisp and juicy. From a southern girl, let me tell you this is the real thing! The result will be juicy, succulent chicken pieces with a crispy, peppery coating. Coat thoroughly and return to the fridge for a further 45 minutes. If you drop damp fries into the hot fry oil, the heat will cause the water to evaporate, causing a barrier of steam to prevent the food from actually touching the oil. Nutrient information is not available for all ingredients. When I concocted the southern fried chicken style buttermilk mixture I was originally going to use only kosher salt and cayenne pepper. Once it starts floating at the top of the oil, that’s usually a good indicator it’s either done or close to it. No matter what your favourite dish, whether it's chicken, pork, or fish, you have the beginnings of a fantastic meal from just the right box. Repeat for all chicken. Basically, the longer you let your chicken rest in the fridge, the better caramelized the crust will get in the fryer and the quicker it will cook. Combine all the ingredients for the coating. 1 (3 pound) whole chicken, cut into pieces. Dismiss, Complete Measuring Cup/Spoon Set | 9 Piece, High Quality Stainless Steel Spider Skimmer | 7″, Great Value 6 Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set, Easy to Clean Deep Fryer | T-fal 3.5 L Easy to Clean Deep Fryer. Mine came off in the oil as it always does and so there is no coating!! Thinking back on it, this technique makes a ton of sense for getting the super crispy skin you want on southern fried chicken. I too was always intimdated by frying chicken. Allrecipes is part of the Meredith Food Group. The chicken came out crisp and golden, while remaining wonderfully moist! Just be sure to have a candy thermometer handy so you can track your temperatures judiciously. My family loved it too. This was THE best fried chicken I ever had. I probably cooked the pieces 40 minutes or so. Thats what I call SOUL FOOD! Add the chicken and fry until golden all over. Frying perfectly crispy buttermilk southern fried chicken in your home is easy enough for anyone to do! Now thats some REAL southern FRIED chicken! You can hack your way to crispier fried chicken! This time I took another reviewer's suggestion and did an egg wash. Amazing! Thanks to the poster and helpful reviewers! I always rinsed the chicken in water then just rolled it in flour. of garlic powder and 1 tsp. I usually marinate it overnight in buttermilk use a purchased coating and deep fry it. Frying whole pieces of chicken means you need to keep a close eye on your chicken pieces. Add in your granulated white sugar, cayenne pepper, and kosher salt. Massage 1 1/2 teaspoons of the salt into the chicken pieces. 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