Is it better to test the waters before leaving my job? You don’t have time for interviews so leaving without a plan might be your only option. Holidays are planned around peak work times. You’re not stupid, you know that behind those whitened smiles and sunkissed highlights are tales of diarrhea and flight delays which are conveniently left out. Your friends exchange glances, wondering who should tell you your statute of limitations is up on complaining about this same issue day in and day out. Your brain is too fried to make that kind of decision. You deserve a career — and a life — you love. That was a bloody long time ago. Sure, attending a 9 a.m. Monday sales meeting after your birthday weekend is a major buzzkill. If you’re on the fence, then you should open your eyes to feelings, thoughts, and happenings in your life that might point to the exit sign. Can You Collect Unemployment When You Quit Your Job? Rumours circulating over who might have been ‘let go’. *If you are experiencing any worrying symptoms, please go and see your Doctor. On a serious note, most of the below points are quite lighthearted but, if you are at risk in any way, please tell someone and look to leave. But let me tell you, these are bad reasons to quit your job, since it’s totally normal to feel disappointed going back to work after a holiday. Check your emergency fund and estimate the number of days you can get through without a new source of income. No one should have the pit in your stomach feeling about work. But the next day the same feeling comes over you, and you’re wondering once again whether you have good or bad reasons to quit your job. Give up on your New Year’s resolution yet? Maybe all you need is a promotion or better treatment at the workplace. Remember you’ve got only one life to live, so use it well!! Ah, the dreaded ‘it’s a real opportunity for you to get noticed by senior colleagues’ line. There are times when we have to take subpar jobs just to get by, but if you’re in a job that you are overqualified for, don’t accept feeling stuck. Side note: you may not have been doing this, but instead, buying things to make you feel better. No job is worth sacrificing your wellness. While it’s normal to have qualms about the work day, if you truly, deeply dread those eight or so hours at the office, it is time to put in your two weeks' notice. You Find Yourself Justifying Your Job, Should You Quit? If any of these questions scared you away, maybe you should stick to your job until you’re ready for the common problems that freelancers face. Stress can do a fair bit of damage. If you read this article and recognized several of these warning signs, it may be time to quit. This means if you click on the link and purchase an item or service, Remote Bliss may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. No one is breathing down your neck, and you have full control over your time. If you want to quit and re-assess what you want to do. Can I take a sabbatical from work for a few days or weeks? If you truly want to travel the world but your job is getting in the way, it could be time to leave your office job to freelance or go remote. It happens so abruptly. There should be at least some part of your job that is more interesting than scrolling Facebook or browsing BuzzFeed. Your friends are sick of it, your family just nod and grimace. Eager for 1–2–1 catch-ups to check your progress and get advice for development. Your job is detrimental to your physical and mental health. Are you constantly complaining about co-workers, about your workplace, or about your job itself? The second you say no and shut the door on something that is no longer serving you, opportunities begin to come to you from all over. ", "I don't make any money but at least there are free coffee and snacks in the office. You follow all the travel bloggers, deflating a little more each time another #dreamlife photo is posted. Back in the day, you’d have jumped at these ‘opportunities’, desperate for the chance to prove yourself and maybe secure that lucrative promotion. Something must have resonated with you. And dealing with post-vacation blues is definitely challenging. Should I really leave? Which actually translates as ‘we’ve got a load of extra work for you outside of your already ridiculous schedule’. Up until now, you kept thinking. Some links in this post may be affiliate links. You just need to get out and get some headspace. Do I have enough money saved up to travel long term? You’ve been behind the scenes, and you don’t like the stage direction. Life is too short to stay somewhere that damages your health. Do I have what it takes to become a freelancer? Asking yourself these questions can help you figure out if freelancing could be right for you. I’ve really got to go now, I’m late for a meeting, you’re ok though right? A bad job can lead to health issues and unhappiness. 9 Signs You Should Quit Your Job *Now* ... take it as an alarm and know that it’s time to quit your job! You worked harder and longer, watching and learning. Warning Signals You Should Leave Your Job, 2.