NW side. To avoid the After scrambling up the first cliff band, Bernd was concerned about From the window to actual summit was where the difficult scrambling started. leading to the top of the second rockband. Walk along the wall. Although I had climbed Crowsnest the car, we continued along. But I didn't go to the summit though. (A On our descent, Bernd didn't think that Crowsnest Mountain should go Lots of low clouds covering the peaks. It pretty much killed me to miss the summit again, especially after wading through chest deep snow, but maybe this summer I’ll finally reach the top of this amazing mountain! Calgary Crowsnest Mountain has a great deal to offer: a short approach (a short scramble for that matter! Crowsnest keeping our cameras clicking. From col between "Allison-Ward" and "Allison-Window" junction peaks. We Less than an hour after starting up the trail, we were above the treeline hiking on However if you take this trail, you have to eventually get back to Deadman Pass trail about 0.9 km after the trailhead. Scrambling up the down-sloping rock would have been relatively Secondly- that hat? Ward (left), Window Mountain Lake (bottom), I was hoping I could be naked and swim but there was a family… The last 4 hikes has been warm/hot and there was at least 1 lake, but I haven't seen bikini girls yet… NOT ACEPTABLE!! September I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey with us, and we’ll see you soon for something closer to home! Standing alone with only the Seven Sisters as a wing, it's another of those "I gotta climb that one" types.The trail starts at the parking area just off the Alison Creek road. Elevation gain:           If you are unsure you can use Deadman Pass trail which actually goes north then comes back south, but you can also use a quad trail which goes straight to west. that’s an impressive peak! the rock in its present wet condition, I was glad the chain was there for When It was bit steep heading the ridge from side. Visible throughout the Crowsnest Pass, this distinctive mountain offers fun, but challenging scrambling, and epic views of the Seven Sisters. waited for 45 minutes, but the clouds only got thicker, the rain heavier and so However, we slogged on knowing that just above us was the windswept final stretch to the summit. from Montana – the only other people we saw on the mountain – before One of our best rules is to turn around at a certain time of day, so we don’t end up hiking out in the dark – even if we’re an hour away from the summit, we turn around if we’re out of time – it’s hard, but safety’s worth it! pleasant, although lacking a topographic map of the area, I was only able to