Our stop is at the Petro Canada PetroPass at 1522 Versatile Dr. Our stop is at the back side at the Husky Truck Stop on Vedder Road. On a typical day, Rider Express has 3 scheduled bus trips in total. In the near future, Rider Express plans to expand its coverage to include destinations across Manitoba, including the city of Winnipeg. Our office/stop is on the west side of Westbrook Mall, Between Entrance 5-6. Both companies use passenger vans. Greyhound doesn't have a direct route from Regina to Saskatoon. This means that all of the communities between Regina and Saskatoon are already without Greyhound services. Our stop is by the Tim Hortons at 6620 Orr Drive in Red Deer. Starting on 24 August 2020, our stop is moved to 206 2nd ave N (by Pharmasave) This stop will allow a better connection with Saskatoon Transit services. Rider Express Saskatoon To Regina Schedule, Phone Number, Location, Reviews, Tickets & Route Rider Express Transportation Is a Canadian Bus Company which provide safe, reliable, comfortable, and convenient grounds transportation, logistics, and tour services. Bus Daily Trips Avg. Greyhound has said an increase in low-cost flights is a reason why serving rural areas was no longer viable. On Nov. 1, Uray said another route will start running from Winnipeg to Edmonton, with stops in Regina and Saskatoon. Please make sure you have the proper paperwork with you or you may not be allowed to board the bus. won`t be affected as much. We provide unprecedented travel experiences because we deliver top-notch service every time. The carrier’s main hubs include some of the biggest cities in Canada, such as. Rider Express is a bus carrier based in Canada, providing passenger bus service to and from 3 locations across Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. 18335833636. Rider Express tickets are not refundable or transferable. Please also note that this stop is exclusively for those travelling in the direction of Calgary. Saskatoon Stop. Calgary to Edmonton. Our mission is to provide safe, reliable, comfortable, and convenient grounds transportation, logistics, and tour services. Starting on 24 August 2020, our stop is moved to 206 2nd ave N (by Pharmasave) This stop will allow a better connection with Saskatoon Transit services. The total maximum weight for all checked baggage must not exceed 200 lbs (90 kg). Rider Express currently employs about 15 … Make sure you have identification issued by a government agency that meets the carrier’s requirements. Our stop is at Husky Gas -1340 Trans Canada Hwy #1, Our stop is at Husky Gas Station at 1050 Trans Canada Hwy #1. Though there are no bathrooms onboard, typically breaks are scheduled in the itinerary to allow passengers to use bathroom facilities along the way. He plans to offer snacks and beverages onboard as a way to stand out. not optimistic about private replacements for Greyhound in remote areas, Small Manitoba communities without bus service 'getting by as best we can,' but say they need more options, CBC's Journalistic Standards and Practices. Sorrento-Westbound stop is in front of Petro Canada at 1235 Trans Canada Hwy. You can also check three additional bags at $20 per piece. Launched in 2016, Rider Express is privately owned and operated. This stop is within the On-Demand Transit service area by Saskatoon Transit. Over the past few years, the company has been expanding its services and the territories it covers on an ongoing basis. Uray is the owner of Rider Express, a bus company he founded a month after the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) shut down. Adverse road and weather conditions may affect the scheduled times. The only western Canadian Greyhound route scheduled to stay active is Vancouver to Seattle, maintaining access into the United States. Rider Express currently employs about 15 workers. Our stop is in front of Edmonton INN at 11834 Kingsway Ave NW. Our stop is next to Frontier Motel at 122 BC-23, Next to Super Save Gas Station. May 26, 2020 Rider Express finally managed to connect more cities and towns in Western Canada than any other land transport company. Passengers can book a ride to any other bus stop within the service area in Saskatoon… Read more ». Instead, they offer a trip that goes from Regina to Calgary to Edmonton then to Saskatoon. With Greyhound Canada announcing Monday that its cancelling all western Canadian routes, what is left for bus transportation in Saskatchewan? Our stop is in front of Brewster Sightseeing at 100 Gopher S. We have two stops in Sorrento, one for westbound service and one for eastbound service. The bus timetable may vary during weekdays. Find Rider Express bus schedule, bus station locations, phone number, discounts & services all in one place. The travel length between Edmonton and Saskatoon takes by bus around 6 hours and 35 minutes, and the approximate price for a bus ticket between Edmonton and Saskatoon is $50.45 CAD. The last departure time from Saskatoon is at 16:30. We partner with more than 300 bus & train companies around the world to help you search, compare, and find the best travel deals all in one place. Our stop is at Esso Station at 1729 A Mountain Ave. Red routes are Greyhound, green routes are Rider Express and the yellow route is DiCal: Greyhound has a north route that covers Yorkton, Saskatoon and Lloydminster. After the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) closed down its services last year, several private companies said they wanted to take over the routes. The Motel staff can also be of help for any questions regarding schedule and ticketing. You can also check in sports equipment but you have to make sure it is properly packed. When taking the bus from Saskatoon to Edmonton, you can travel comfortably and safely with Rider Express, KCTI.