However, their combined parental leave periods must not exceed 71 weeks, in accordance with subsection 206.1(3). Parental Leave is 63 weeks and must be taken after the baby is born. Your employer must give you a minimum number of weeks for maternity, parental and adoption leave. The number of weeks you get varies by province and territory. The fact that a child is in the custody of both parents at one time does not oblige the parents to take their share of parental leave at the same time. Parental leave benefits are payments given to parents who are caring for a newborn or newly adopted child. However, employers don't have to pay you during this time. On the other hand, Pregnancy Leave is for 17 weeks and must be taken before the baby is born. The option of five to eight weeks of additional parental leave for the "other parent" becomes a reality March 17 as the new parental sharing benefit rolls out. Read more about Pregnancy Leave in Ontario. Parental leave starts at the time chosen by each parent. To be clear, birth mothers are entitled to Pregnancy Leave and Parental Leave.