With an agricultural history that stretches back 4,000 years, expect a variety of flavors and cooking techniques at the best restaurants in Tucson Most of the places you’ll find here are not only authentic; they’re also innovative and absolutely delicious. Being the oldest Mexican restaurant in Tucson, the El Charro Cafe has a lot to boast about. The city of Tucson is just about 70 miles north of the border, so it's needless to say that there aren't many Mexican cuisine restaurants that serve up a bad meal. Make sure to try the classic bean and cheese burrito as well. You can be glad for all the fresh ingredients and the homemade recipes. Opened in summer 2020, this new boutique hotel offers 112 rooms set around an interior pool tricked out with daybeds and private cabanas. Ringed by mountain ranges in all directions, this city of nearly 1 million in the Sonoran Desert sits at an elevation of about 2,600 feet, more than 1,000 feet higher than Arizona’s most populated city, Phoenix, resulting in slightly cooler year-round temperatures. It’s the perfect place to dine with a group, dine with a partner, or dine completely solo. We'll send you our newsletter with travel destinations, deals, and more! I consider Tucson the American city with the best Mexican food. If you go the chimi route, ask for it enchilada style, where it will be drenched in true red enchilada sauce and topped with plenty of melted cheese.

It’s lively and colorful, and the food is some of the best and most authentic you can get anywhere else in Tucson and beyond. Current location. Greg Morago was a features editor and reporter for The Hartford Courant for 25 years before joining the Houston Chronicle as food editor in 2009.

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