Australia is inhabited by at least if o different species of marsupials, which is about two-thirds of the known species; these have been arranged in five tribes, according to the food they eat, viz., the grass-eaters (kangaroos), the root-eaters (wombats), the insect-eaters (bandicoots), the flesh-eaters (native cats and rats), and the fruit-eaters (phalangers). The fastest mode of movement for a Kangaroo is hopping where it hops using the strength of its hind legs and its tail. The dentition of the kangaroos, functionally considered, thus consists of sharp-edged incisors, most developed near the median line of the mouth, for the purpose of cropping herbage, and ridged or tuberculated molars for crushing. Well Kayne's waistcoat was made out of several native Australian animals, possibly possum, wombat. On the street side of the boutique, outdoor seating is framed by a lush landscape of topiary, iceberg roses, The marsupial frog keeps her eggs in a pouch like a, Tropical species, such as the golden bandicoot, the golden backed tree-rat and the antilopine, When it had advanced from the wood, it hopped much after the fashion of a, Australian sausages have traditionally been made with beef, pork and chicken, while recently game meats such as, Researchers in Australia are looking into the possibility of reducing methane from cattle and sheep by introducing digestive bacteria from, The menu included Australian specialties like, Audiences are introduced to creatures including a morris-dancing flea, a ballroomdancing Longhorn ram, a woolly monkey, a Southern Cape zebra and a Texan, Easy meat before the tantalising teasers of, Many such are localised, and do not form part of general Australian use, while others, such as, The latter creature features a marsupial pouch containing two offspring, and the characteristically bent hind legs of a, Instead of walking, some bipeds hop, such as kangaroos and, We have two species of native mice that look much alike, the white-footed mouse and the jumping, or, Nothing could be more astonishing than the enormous bounds of the, Droppings of the kit fox show an abundance of bones of small mammals of, In this work the authors have made no attempt to deal with the taxonomic side of the, Homely indeed were the additions thus made to their daily ration of charqui beef, horse-flesh or, The Australian Dawn, with her present of a red, She has a lover among the dead, who has presented her with a red, A hurler should be able to run like a hare, hide like a rabbit, leap like a, The hunters soon returned, bringing with them a tree, Mr. O'Connor saw a child, eight years old, eat a, Accounts of these four mammals and of a previously unnamed subspecies of, The jerboa has very long hind legs, and a habit of jumping, so that it resembles superficially a small, A double parallel to this modification is seen in the jerboa among the ungulates, and in the, In the snap traps, all of which were baited with rolled oats, more than twice as many land crabs as, You lash out with your hind legs at an inoffensive school-fellow, with all the viciousness of a, Probably no instinct is of greater importance to the, But it is quite easy to account for the superior cartography of the two gulfs and, The picture of the zoological interests of, After tethering out our horses and making our breakwind for the night, we went out in the evening to look for a, One of these is in connection with the witchetty grub, the other with the, It is hoped that the scrubby western end of, Of these more smiling spots the large island, off the western coast, called, I can imagine some stockman in the outback taking umbrage at a, I would say he is a Batista, and right away they would grab him, give him a, Just then, as they rode along the pretty green lane toward Fuddlecumjig, they espied a, Now I'm damned if I'm sure I could tell a, These include one mole, one bat, one armadillo, one, These include one species of bat, one armadillo, one, We have seen no other game, except one wallaby and one, It gives me the jim-jams, for it reminds me I've lost my baby, Flinders did not complete the examination of, Immediately I was terrified with thought of the, But the most interesting event of the day, by far, was the, Those that were noticed, were made of the red, Hit a ball off the tightly cut, well-defined fairways and it might bounce off the hard-baked desert floor and into a, If Marilla had said that Matthew had gone to Bright River to meet a, They carried away the whole of the cuscus and part of the, Their speed and method of locomotion were both remarkable, springing as they did in great leaps of twenty or thirty feet, much after the manner of a, But it may be asked, what ought we to do, if it could be proved that one species of, Grazing regimes, amount of bare ground coverage, and introduction of tall, dense-growing grasses may be important considerations in managing habitat for Texas, Rikki-tikki felt his eyes growing red and hot, and he sat back on his tail and hind legs like a little, Variation in two external and 17 cranial characters was assessed by examination of coefficients of variation and correlation values for 14 to 19 species of, The badger is common locally, and we occasionally observed their characteristic diggings at the lower elevation where pocket gophers and.