Upon arrival there, it turned out that there were no vacancies, but since the police insisted on being accepted, they placed me in the conference room. You know, experience saved me. What a taste of the food eaten a couple of days ago was, what smell you felt when you smelled a beautiful flower. 99% of tourists in Pakistan visit the highlands in the north of the country, the capital and the city of Lahore. Do a little research. It’s like a breath of fresh air against the background of overload of general information. The car arrived, I sat in the front seat, and in the back there were two law enforcement officers with automatic weapons, who didn’t move a single step from me all day. It is important that topics flow logically from one to the next so that your essay is easy to follow. For example, in the city of Karachi, terrorism and crime flourish. People in Pakistan are very diverse – from black brown-eyed to blue-eyed with fair skin. Deliver to the reader something new and interesting, and not well-known facts about a country or a city. Teachers will probably want you to write a personal essay to reflect on a real experience that taught you something. Is the grammar/sentence structure of your essay correct? Yes, and many people would regret my death. However, there are pitfalls here. The more valuable are the people who can write in an accessible, original and bright way. Thus, without finishing the route, we had to turn back, but the beauty of the landscapes smoothed out the disappointment. Use adjectives that support what you have described but do not use them to do the work of describing for you. Is your writing on topic throughout the essay? Why honesty has become my main principle in life. You will laugh, but even at that moment the body acted itself, the mind remained on the sidelines. Write your personal experience essay introduction. Mistakes and failures. Details are the signs of the hero, the episode, telling something important about a person, landscape, sketch. Bring more meaning to everything you do. Write to the prices encountered by the attitude of ordinary people to you. It is important to know exactly what your experience is of interest to others and to have data that this knowledge is in demand. Especially successful people do not hide anything, and willingly help those who really try. You have everything in your head. ", If you are trying to communicate uncertainty that you felt during an experience, use words that convey these feelings. Many tourists just come to the mountains to go on short day walks, and some go on multi-day routes, where they do not come across villages and there is no place to buy food, everything has to be borne by yourself. Passive: An essay was assigned by Ms. Peterson. In a personal essay, you need to reveal yourself, your soul and your thoughts, and this requires inner strength and confidence that you will be understood. Your goal when writing a personal essay should be authenticity and you need to choose your vocabulary accordingly. In short: restate the ideas from the introduction in a new way and wrap up your essay. So we decided to do it. And ask yourself afterwards – does this correspond to what you want to tell them? It’s a pity that I’m not really doing anything that’s really worthwhile in my life. There are two types of voice: the author's voice and the voice of verbs. For example, say, "I ran like my life depended on it," rather than, "I ran pretty fast. Conclusion: Close your essay with a final paragraph that summarizes the points you have made and states the takeaways. It really helps to build the idea, plot and structure of the text on a segment of any length. Before you start writing, remind yourself of basic essay composition. Sharing personal experiences and helping people is a worthy goal in life. Friends, try not to die. To write so that the reader could not tear himself away from the text. Body: The body of your essay is made up of one or more paragraphs that inform your readers about your topic, each paragraph accomplishing this in a unique way. Continuous sitting at the computer can cause considerable health problems. That is life. Exploring the topic, try to keep a fresh look at things. Let us think together how to make writing essay on personal experiences easier. Each paragraph should have its own idea that is closely related to the topic of the whole essay but elaborates on the main idea in a new way. The subject is italicized in the following examples. Find a deal bigger than yourself. When you go on vacation, of course, you get personal impressions. After that, the one with whom I spoke, called the police. It would be a shame to die without leaving a mark, even a small one. Now it seems to me that I just remembered everything that is happening. But these are already professional problems of students. Only a few readers will pass by the headline “How I …”. If possible, try to postpone your death until better times. The story of my trip to Pakistan. Tourists also travel to the Hunza Valley, which is famous for its beautiful scenery and artificial lake, formed as a result of the collapse of the mountain. But, as practice shows, only two of them work properly. I’ve almost died. Browsing through whatever interests you can really get the creative juices flowing and lead to small self-reflections. Is your essay well-organized and easy to follow? I believe in personal growth and I believe in vocation. You can also talk with local ethnic minorities, who preach a special kind of Islam that allows them to prepare and drink alcohol, so even in a country like Pakistan alcohol is quite accessible. Maximize your target audience. You must treat yourself, your talent and text is more critical than anyone. And it should relate to the characters and the plot, and not the entourage (it is not enough just to retell the real events, changing the name of the hero, the city, the detail of the exterior and the time of year). Decide how formal or casual you want to be, how you want to keep the attention of your readers, how you would like your readers to feel when reading your essay, and how you would like your story to come across as a whole. One of the things your teacher will be looking for when reading your personal essay is the use of voice in your essay, which is your own personal style of telling a story. In a personal essay, you need to reveal yourself, your soul and your thoughts, and this requires inner strength and confidence that you will be understood. After 15 minutes an armored car with six policemen arrived and took me to the base, where it was then decided to lodge me in the most fortified and expensive hotel in the city. And from this it becomes scary. Another our goal is to write an interesting essay … So, in one small town for 48 days only 48 people approached me with a request to take a picture. But, oddly enough, there was no pain. I remember everything in the smallest details: Suddenly, there was a very lack of air, a terrible fit of coughing, without the possibility of breathing. If you are stuck on what to write about, look to some of these sources of inspiration: Don't be afraid to ask your teacher what they are looking for. I said, “Let’s make a deal, no one will know anything,” but I was told that every few days the police arranged raids. This will help convey the experience gained to the reader. It is better to write such works when the author has already experience in writing and professionalism. Writing an essay about a personal experience or relationship can be a powerful way of both discovering the meaning of your own past and sharing that past with others. Here people say about the life flashed before his eyes, the faces of angels, demons, about the fears and fantasies that appear before death. Write about how something looked, sounded, felt, smelled, or tasted to help your readers imagine the experience for themselves. Invalid bureaucracy like “carried out the scheduled repair work.” Much better it looks like “repaired”. Again, the author at this moment looks like a schizophrenic, but this technique works. In practice, it often happens that the freer theme for an essay you get, the more difficulties you experience when choosing the topic. Be a practitioner. But returning to consciousness for a long time I thought that it would be extremely foolish to die like this. If your paragraphs are not related to each other or the main idea, your essay may be choppy and incoherent. Use them and you will succeed. Understand your reader, and most importantly – figure out what he needs and what is interesting for him. Does not work? Personal essays are also written in the past tense because they describe something that happened to you, not something that is happening or will happen. In one of the villages I happened to see children who begged on the street. Your choice of vocabulary can help you establish and maintain themes throughout your essay. "I questioned whether or not it was a good idea," rather than, "I didn't know what would happen.". Here are some examples of how to choose the right words. Therefore, the essay about the journey is written in the first person and contains a review of the past trip, vacation. Almost all essays are made up of three parts: an introduction, a body of information, and a conclusion. Remember that you are about writing an essay on personal experience not a diary. Share your feelings and sounds you heard or music. How did this happen? I realized that I was kind of a good person. Since everyone stays in hotels, do not forget to tell in all colors about service and maintenance, why you liked it and why not. Well, what to do? At that moment, when there was no air in the lungs at all, I still managed to seize the moment in order to get a thing so vital for life as oxygen. Tourists in Pakistan are attracted not only to the mountains, monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage List are available for history lovers. Without this, the reading of the material will be bland and not fascinating, because the facts are banal that everyone knows them. Most tourists coming to Pakistan go to the north of the country, where they meet three mountain ranges – the Kara Kum, the Himalayas and the Hindu Kush with 150 mountain peaks over 7,000 meters high.