Contact your Visa card issuer directly for more information. Kind of hilarious that you just asked this. In fact, this service was recently enhanced to make transactions more secure and the user experience more seamless. Visa has developed a program that helps confirm your identity when you make an online purchase. The issuer’s 3D system will then assess the transaction risk. Visa has developed a program that helps ensure that payments are made by the rightful owner of the Visa account, to make online purchases more secure. I ignore the Verified by Visa pop-up every single time I order from NewEgg, on both my personal and corporate accounts, and never had a single problem from doing so. This service automatically works at checkout with participating merchants. During an online purchase from your desktop, mobile or other digital device, you may be guided through an extra check to verify your identity. Secure Online Shopping. Upon activation, Verified by Visa protects you at every participating online store. When you shop online at a participating merchant, your card will be automatically recognized as protected by Verified by Visa. Advanced security for your online purchases. 3-D Secure provides extra peace of mind for online shoppers. Once you have entered your Verified by Visa code, simply follow the steps as you normally would to complete the transaction. From this I can only deduce that in the end, it matters fuckall. Your issuer is simply verifying your purchase to see that everything is as it should be. Verified by Visa. My boss, however, using the same corporate account, always enters the password. Remember, there is no need to download anything, install software or register your account to get this added layer of protection. As you complete the transaction, you may be prompted to verify your identity if additional authentication is required. This service helps your issuer know you’re really you and most importantly it protects you from fraud. Online shopping secured with Visa. This service helps make shopping online more secure by protecting against unauthorized use of your Visa card. For consumers Safe online transactions; For partners Protecting you and your customers; Secure payments, verified by Visa. This Verified by Visa crap is asinine. Your issuer is working behind the scenes when you're shopping online, using advanced technology to confirm your identity. Through this program, you have an added layer of protection that helps to prevent the unauthorized use of your Visa card while shopping online. If you have locked yourself out of your Verified By Visa account by forgetting the password, you can contact your bank and they will unlock it for you. This extra verification step helps ensure the person using your card is you. This service was designed for both Visa credit and debit cards when shopping online. Visa Secure (formerly Verified by Visa) provides advanced security when you see the Visa Secure badge for your online purchases with participating merchants. I called them up, and they said a security hold was put on my account due to a VbV purchase at Skip to content. HATE HATE HATE. How Verified by Visa Works. By requesting a password known only to the cardholder, the bank can verify that the genuine cardholder is entering their card details into an eCommerce website. Yes. There’s no need to download anything, install software or register. The Visa logo is there to give you peace of mind that the transmission is secure and reliable. Join 6,449 readers in helping fund MetaFilter. 3D Secure 2.0 allows merchants and issuers to validate customer without interrupting the normal flow of the checkout process. I can't freaking stand that Verified By Visa crap, and skip it every time I buy at NewEgg, and a few other places, and haven't had a problem with that yet (and it's been awhile). Ask MetaFilter is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems. My purchases worked the first, second, and third time. Skip to content. If you do encounter this extra verification step, Visa helps route information to your financial institution so they can verify your identity. If you encounter this extra step, simply follow the instructions on your screen to verify your identity. Secure Online Shopping. Ask MetaFilter is where thousands of life's little questions are answered. If there’s any doubt—such as when you use a new device or make an unusually large purchase—you may be asked by your issuer to provide more information to confirm the purchase. This is your issuer communicating with you directly. All of our orders, regardless of visa verification password usage, are cleared immediately and ship shortly afterwards. It is a password-protected authentication system designed to confirm the identity of the cardholder when a Visa card is used online. Whether you’re using a desktop, mobile or other digital device, you may be guided through an additional check to verify your identity. Although the Verified by Visa name is no longer in use, the same technology is in place to help protect you. If you encounter this extra step, simply follow the instructions on your screen to verify your identity. For example, you will notice a message or screen after you’ve entered your Visa card details.