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John Bain, better known as TotalBiscuit, one of gaming's most popular and influential figures, has died aged 33 on Thursday. TotalBiscuit won numerous awards, ... How did he die? The doctors transferred him to palliative care with the option to resume clinical treatment if a trial compatible with his failing liver became available. The post alleged that Quinn was providing sex in exchange for favorable reviews and coverage on the websites that these men worked for. He quickly became a prominent figure made to bear the hatred of a movement that had become too big for him to control. You Need One of These 4KTVs, HyperX Cloud II Wireless Gaming Headset Review, PS5 Comes With a (Literally) Game-Changing Feature for People Who Invert Y-Axis, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. According to Eurogamer, he obtained a large following due to his video commentary on newly developed indie games and analysis of gaming news. A gofundme page was erected to help pay for his grieving widow and child and, almost as if they had anticipated what would happen next, fans of his began to circle the wagons. Bain's wife, Genna Bain, posted a … Starting chemo soon, then surgery. Though most of these were quickly shut down it was enough to leave a dirty taste in most people’s mouths. The main source of Bain's publicity was his primary YouTube channel, where he posted what he described as "variety gaming content" as part of the YouTube gaming network Polaris. 6:41. [8], Bain reported in April 2015 that a CT scan showed a complete remission of the cancer. Genna is also a popular vlogger and has more than 130,000 subscribers to her own channel. Though at its core supporters of GamerGate would say they were only hoping for open and honest journalism, the fact that events had taken such a turn eventually made their message largely meaningless. Earlier this month, he announced his retirement from games criticism, saying that chemotherapy was no longer working and his liver was failing. John was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2014. Though their words were often harsh, critics were careful to toe the line of what was acceptable and what wasn’t. The influential and massively popular YouTube personality and games critic John "Totalbiscuit" Bain has died at age 33. For those who don’t know him, John Bain, known online as TotalBiscuit, recently died after a four-year fight with cancer. Kotaku senior reporter. [4] Prior to his death in May 2018, Bain had over 2.2 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. YouTube star and vlogger John Bain has died at the age of 33. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. The ultimatums focused on G2A's Shield service, an open API for game developers, and G2A's payment system. Its now 2cm and shrinking, after 4 treatments", "Yeah, this chemo has stopped working. Someone posts an old twitter message of TB telling someone to 'get cancer and die'. ... How did he die… Don't make my mistake. Bain's follow-up video responding to the takedown attracted press attention and leveled further criticism against Wild Games Studio, which resulted in the studio retracting its request. On 6 April 2017, one day before Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition was due for release, Gearbox published a list of ultimatums made together with Bain for G2A to accept, or else it would back out of the deal. [60] In 2014, he was an entrant in MCV's Brit List. — TotalBiscuit (@Totalbiscuit) May 23, 2014. A year later in 2014, TotalBiscuit posted on Twitter that he had been diagnosed with Bowel cancer. “Thank you all for letting me into your life and do something so important as to have an impact on how you spend your hard-earned money.”. Before his death, his YouTube channel had more than 2 million subscribers and featured popular series such as “WTF Is…?” and his weekly show “The Co-Optional Podcast.” [53] The group joined with Team Acer to form the team Axiom-Acer to participate in the GOMTV Global StarCraft II Team League. For other inquiries Contact Us. 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The reason to bring up GamerGate is to try and make sense of what happened next. Hate is a powerful emotion that too many are holding on to, and that hate mostly stems from GamerGate. Soon their accounts were made private, tweets were deleted and more than a few people lost their jobs. His internet fame came after he was laid off from his job at a financial advisory company. ", "Gearbox Publishing and G2A.COM team up on a collector's edition of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition", "Gearbox partners with G2A, then vows to back out unless G2A takes steps to fight fraud", "G2A's relationship with Gearbox ends with the launch of Bulletstorm remake", "G2A responds to Gearbox's withdrawal and TotalBiscuit's demands", "Crank Offered Sponsorship from TotalBiscuit for MLG Raleigh", "Definitive esports news article- Axiom esports announced", "An Interview With John "TotalBiscuit" Bain – Technorati Gaming", "John 'TotalBiscuit' Bain to be inducted into Esports Hall of Fame at ESL One Hamburg 2018 as first non-player",,, People with developmental coordination disorder, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Video game first impressions and critique, This page was last edited on 5 November 2020, at 23:10. He said he planned to continue streaming and video-making, but in the form of co-op gameplay with his wife in the hope that she would take over his channel when he was gone. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'studybreaks_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_2',120,'0','0']));#GamerGate became a rallying call for gamers disillusioned with the media, and Twitter and Reddit quickly picked up the story. She wrote: "I'm more overwhelmed with grief than I could possibly express.". Before his death, his YouTube channel had more than 2 million subscribers and featured popular series such as “WTF Is…?” and his weekly show “The Co-Optional Podcast.”. Disbelief - Horror - Sadness - Emptiness - Sorrow. Bain voiced strong support for consumer protection in the video gaming industry. [59] Bain won the 2012 Battle Royale organised by King of the Web and donated his winnings to the non-profit organisation Charity: Water. While he underwent a clinical trial to combat the spread, the doctors found that the cancer had become too resistant to medication and conventional chemotherapy would be ineffective; he was also informed that his liver was failing. [5] Bain's unemployment coincided with the beta release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, and he started producing videos of himself talking over gameplay on YouTube, hoping to earn money through the website's ad-revenue system. [23][24] Because of his popularity, Valve, which manages Steam, invited Bain and another gaming critic, Jim Sterling, to their headquarters to help discuss how to improve the Steam's storefront and discovery tools in 2017. 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[49] G2A responded to the assertions on 10 April 2017 stating, "All of the requests made of G2A.COM in the ultimatum have in fact long been part of our marketplace", and ascribed the problems to the unfamiliarities that Bain and Gearbox have in regard to how G2A operates its marketplace. The name GamerGate itself became synonymous with hatred, misogyny and sexist ideals, and anyone involved with the movement was treated as if they supported those ideals as well. I am not happy TotalBiscuit is dead, I'm just sorry he ever lived. 6:41. POPULAR YouTuber John Bain, known as TotalBiscuit , has died at the age of 33. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed, John was better known as Totalbiscuit and had more than 2.2 million followers, Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Our condolences go out to John and his family. TotalBiscuit has cancer. He was a top Steam game curator, the platform for buying new PC games, and he also hosted a gaming podcast. [61] On 5 December 2014, Bain received a Fan's Choice The Game Award in the category "Trending Gamer". There are rarely any consequences for people who say things they wouldn’t dare to in real life. 320. Earlier this month, he announced his retirement from games criticism, saying that chemotherapy was no longer working and his liver was failing. If you’re not, then please stay quiet. Bain’s wife, Genna, posted about his passing on Twitter. You wouldn’t tell somebody to go kill themselves in real life, and you wouldn’t run into a funeral and scream at the remaining family about how that person deserved to die. Though people largely forgot the movement and the victims of it, whenever TotalBiscuit came up in an argument his past and what had happened was sure to rise to the forefront. [10], On 23 September 2016, he reported that his cancer had mutated, and a targeted treatment had shrunk his liver tumor by over 50%, from 5 cm (2.0 in) to 2 cm (0.79 in).