I struggled with the consistency, I used almound butter,almond flour and real organic honey but it seemed as if I needed to add 2-3 times the amount of flour to come close to the texture you had. Since it’s sweetened naturally, you don’t have to prepare for a sugar attack! Plant-Based Easy Recipes by Veggie Balance, Gluten Free Recipes | Dairy Free Recipes | Vegan Recipes, Last Updated: October 26, 2020 By Lindsay 15 Comments. Healthy Edible Cookie Dough is a delicious dessert full of rich, creamy cookie dough flavor. Next, add the chocolate chips and the salt. My friends and I could seriously devour the entire roll of dough without baking one cookie…. I’m surprised I didn’t die considering how much raw batter I ate growing up! Thank you for sharing! Here you’ll find delicious HEALTHY recipes, inspirational travel, and lifestyle, all served with a side of cheeky banter. Absolutely loveddd your response to this ❤ Can’t wait to try it, thank you!! Top with additional sea salt if desired. I love this recipe because you can easily make it for one or make it for a crowd as a dip. Edible cookie dough is a quick treat to enjoy while sheltering in place for COVID-19 or anytime a sweet craving strikes. You can also use milk chocolate, or, for something a little different, white chocolate! The blue bag not the red bag. This post may contain affiliate links. Favorite things include traveling the world, chocolate and a huge plate of nachos. Do you have the nutritional content of this dough? Through perusing my recipe archives, there has been a trend in which I bypass the original recipe idea and go full throttle with more creative spins on it. This no-bake vegan recipe uses only five ingredients and is perfect for any palate, especially simple cookie dough lovers! A blend and what brand? Here’s everything you’ll need to make your delicious healthy dessert: There are only two items you’ll need for your healthy dessert. Line an 8×8 pan with parchment paper, and then press this mixture down on top. ** Depending on the protein powder and flours you use, you may need more milk. Place in freezer for one hour, sprinkle sea salt on top, and then cut into bars. It’s amazing that this doesn’t have eggs in! If using a blender or food processor, there is no need to melt the nut butter and syrup- Simply add all the ingredients and blend well. When my traditional edible cookie dough recipe went bananas on the internet, I figured it was about time I share a healthy version with ya'll! Healthier option for chocolate chips, swap out the chocolate chips for carob chips, they are naturally sweet, low in fat, high in fiber, has calcium and no caffeine. Which gluten free flour mixture do you use? Add in chocolate chips and salt. This is how this cookie dough was came to life: A late-night craving for cookies plus an urge not to spend all my “dough” to make it healthy. To make my single serve cookie dough recipe, you only need SIX ingredients-Blanched almond flour; Coconut Flour; Granulated sweetener of choice; Keto Maple Syrup; Coconut Oil; … Growing up, I loved making cookies, and not because of the actual cookies. While there isn’t anything ‘wrong’ with that, I tend to forget to share the source of inspiration and as such- This needs to be rectified. Together, these ingredients create a flavor that is unmatched! Home » Recipes » The Best Healthy Cookie Dough [Paleo | GF | Vegan], July 18, 2019 By Molly Thompson Leave a Comment. If you are concerned about the raw flour as many say is actually the real risk with eating raw cookie dough and NOT the eggs. I just want to make sure it’s safe for my Littles. Finish by add the chocolate chips and sprinkling some sea salt. (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan). Though there are two parts, both parts use the same ingredients! If you bake healthy recipes often, you likely have all of these ingredients in your pantry right now! Soon after, snickerdoodle wanted a piece of the (non-existent) pie. Instead of the classic refined flours and sugars, this healthy edible cookie dough recipe is made with almond flour, coconut flour, coconut sugar, and maple sugar. . Every single ingredient used to make healthy edible cookie dough was hand selected to create the healthiest dessert possible. Whenever I head to my kitchen to make cookies, chances are I’m gonna eat at least a few cookies’ worth of dough. I'm so happy you're here! By going with an organic, all-natural brand, you’re able to reduce the amount of preservatives and artificial ingredients present in your dessert. While most, if not all of them are generally easy and on the sweeter side- I’ve realised many of them bypass the more classic flavors. Home » food » Healthy Classic Cookie Dough For One (Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free). Were you brought up with the ‘you’ll get worms’ myth when baking? Thanks Almond:). This recipe for healthy cookie dough balls only calls for five basic ingredients. A delicious and sweet snack that is also super easy to make? We link to the gluten-free flour we use in the recipe. Vanilla ice cream. The Best Healthy Cookie Dough [Paleo | GF | Vegan]. Beat all the ingredients together except the flour, milk, and chocolate chips. Chocolate  – ALWAYS. Chocolate chip cookie dough is one of the world’s best flavors. Trust me. When compared to all-purpose flour, almond flour is far more nutrient-rich. Variations on this healthy cookie dough recipe: Mix in a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter. In a medium bow, mix together nut butter, applesauce, salt, vanilla extract, agave nectar, flour. Allow it to fully cool before using in recipe. Stir in some chopped walnuts for a nice extra crunch. I used to eat those Aunt Kath ones all the time! If you find yourself wanting to mix and match the ingredients in this recipe, you may be interested in these ideas! However, I only recommend products I absolutely love and use myself. I can’t wait to see what you whip up! You'll start by mixing your dry ingredients together just like you're making traditional chocolate chip cookies. Have a fabulous day. If you're looking for a dessert that fits in your lifestyle this is it. I don’t know about you, but I always prefer the cookie dough over the baked cookies. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. My sister made Panda dance to it. Replace the chocolate chips … This is so tasty, it perfectly curbs those cravings with a bit of cookie dough and a bite of chocolate. function ccmpr(btn) { function ccmprNow() { var e = btn.id;newWin = window.open("", "printwin"); var n = newWin.document.createElement("style"); n.innerHTML = "html{font-family:sans-serif}img{display:none}.ccm-info,.ccm-name,.ccm-summary{margin:20px 0;text-align:center}.ccm-time{text-align:center;padding:10px;border-top:1px dashed #000;border-bottom:1px dashed #000}.ccm-time-child,.ccm-info-child{margin-right:20px;display: inline-block;}.adunit,.adunitlabel,.adunitwrapper,.ccm-hide-on-print,.chicory-order-ingredients{display:none!important}.ccm-head{text-transform:uppercase!important}.ccm-notes{white-space:pre-line}.ccm-nutrition-info>div{display:inline-block;vertical-align:top;font-size:14px;width:calc(20% - 10px);text-align:center;margin:0 5px}.ccm-nutrition-info>div:nth-child(5)~div{margin-top:20px}.ccm-nutrition-info>div p{margin-top:0;margin-bottom:7px}", "ccm-printWithImage" == e && (n.innerHTML = n.innerHTML.replace("img{display:none}", "img{display:block;margin: 20px auto;width: auto;max-width:250px;}")), newWin.document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(n), newWin.document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0].innerHTML = btn.closest(".ccm-wrapper").innerHTML, newWin.print() } if (btn.id === "ccm-printbutton") { var po = btn.closest(".ccm-wrapper").querySelector(".ccm-print-options"); if (po) { po.classList.toggle("ccm-show"); } else { ccmprNow(); } } else { ccmprNow(); } }window.onload = function () {if(!document.querySelector("[src^='https://codepen.io/recipesgenerator/pen/MZQxZa.js']")){var randomNumberToPreventCaching = (new Date()).getTime();var e=document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0],t=document.createElement("script");t.type="text/javascript",t.src="https://codepen.io/recipesgenerator/pen/MZQxZa.js?v=" + randomNumberToPreventCaching,e.appendChild(t)}}, Copyright © 2020 Chen's Plate - Built by Erik Maday Creative. This list is short, so know that the add-ins are basically endless and can be changed as you see fit. In a mixing bowl, combine the applesauce/banana, protein powder, cinnamon, flour of choice and sweetener and mix very well. . After too many bowls of devouring our edible cookie dough recipe we just HAD to make a healthy version, for me… and everyone else. This healthy edible classic cookie dough for one has the taste and texture of real cookie dough but has none of the typical ingredients in one- It has no eggs, no white sugar or white flour. Chocolate chips: The chocolate chips used in this recipe don’t have to be dairy free dark chocolate! What is something basic you adore? Towards the end you will have to use your hands to mix the dough and create a nice, smooth dough ball. No jumping off of the walls with this sweet treat! Okay fine, you rock anything. I love having them right there in my fridge, ready to enjoy. If you don’t have oat flour (which you can buy at any grocery store and it is wicked cheap), you can make your own … Place in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes to cool. Eating a spoonful of this cookie dough just got a little guilt-less. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. Your email address will not be published. By using select ingredients, I was able to keep these cookie treats totally gluten free and all natural. In a small microwave-safe dish or stovetop, melt the nut butter with the maple syrup and add to the dry until fully incorporated. Add the melted nut butter, melted coconut oil, maple syrup, and vanilla and stir together with a rubber spatula until completely incorporated. Healthy Broccoli Salad Recipe with Homemade Mayonnaise, The Best Gluten Free Blueberry Scones Recipe, Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe, Here is an article explaining it a bit more why some flours have those warnings on the bags, Best Gluten Free Buttermilk Pancakes Recipe (Dairy Free), Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies with Almond Flour Recipe, Edible Cookie Dough Recipe (Eggless, Gluten Free), Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins Recipe (With Almond Flour), Pho Soup Made at Home in Mason Jar Recipe, Baked Vegetarian Refried Bean Tacos Recipe. I have a few I like. If you have a sweet tooth and love making new chocolate chip recipes, you’ll want to try these! Like the one we both had in Amsterdam?! I’ve never used gluten free flour before, but I did because of an allergy and I only had the time to make one thing as a gift. So easy to make and very little clean up. Make sure this mixture is nice and smooth. Healthy cookie dough bars are the perfect treat for gatherings If you’re looking for a sweet treat that can be enjoyed by pretty much everyone , this is it. If you really could please just read the recipe instead of writing a passive aggressive comment that would be great. Those rough days we turn to the cookie dough are tough enough, but this is how we can make it a tinyyyy bit better by taking the guilt out of eating an entire tub of average cookie dough by devouring this delectable treat instead. I’m not sure if this is why I do it, but eating raw cookie dough brings me back to my childhood. Please read my, freebie! Sure do, check out myfitnesspal for a full breakdown . Healthy Edible Cookie Dough is a delicious dessert full of rich, creamy cookie dough flavor. If you want, you can leave it as is and serve with apples and pretzels for a party or you can roll them into 1 inch balls. A dessert lover’s heaven – six healthier sweet treats all made with six ingredients or less! Lower-Sugar – Using natural sugars only keeps our sugar levels in check. While this most definitely can be mixed by hand, it has a much smoother texture when made in either a food processor or my handy dandy blender. Read my disclosure and copyright policy. Filed Under: Dairy-Free, Desserts, Gluten-Free, Snacks, Vegan, Vegetarian. If you’re looking for a sweet treat that can be enjoyed by pretty much everyone, this is it.