Copyright © 2013 - 2020 | Positive Words Research S.R.L. Contribute to my research on positive words and share my project.” – Elena Daniela Calin, the person behind Positive Words Research. Every country from all around the world has a different way in which the natives express their happiness. One of the words that will possibly stick out to many people from the very famous Christmas song Feliz Navidad is this lovely Spanish word for happiness. In Swedish, the word being used to express happiness is actually quite simple. And even if we do somehow experience it, we are unlikely to perceive it with much clarity, think about it with much understanding, talk about it with much insight, or remember it with much vividness. Prompted by this enthralling possibility, I recently embarked on a project to discover “new” words and concepts relating to happiness. Lecturer in Positive Psychology, University of East London. The Positive Effects of Changing Your Sleep, 14 Words with Crazy Origins that You Would Never Have Guessed, Getting ahead with your college work and projects can be a daunting task, especially if you have been neglecting your work for several weeks. I take a walk in the grand forest, bathing in the glorious sun, I savour this moment which I know is fleeting, The essence of seemingly blissful eternal life. This word can be used in many occasions when dancing traditional dances, clinking glasses, or wishing others well. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Clarifying Words for Head vs Heart Decisions, PDF Guide: Hassle-Free PDF Conversion with PDFBear, Uncomplicated Way of Compressing a PDF Document Online with PDFBear, on How People Express Their Happiness in 10 Different Cultures, on 6 Keys: How to Overcome Laziness in Studying. Finally, there is a mysterious set of words which completely elude my grasp, but which for precisely that reason are totally captivating. The word they use the most when they are happy is Nazdravlje, and it translates to “to health”. The other day I came across some inspiring words in other languages, for which no similar words or phrases existed in English. If we lack a word for a particular positive emotion, we are far less likely to experience it. Tim Lomas, University of East London. From my research I discovered that emotional intelligence and positive thinking education will significantly empower anyone’s life. Apart from that though, you will be happy to know that this word represents an Icelandic spirit which represents luck. The word for happiness in Swedish is probably one of those words which just put a smile on your face no matter what goes on in your everyday life. Happiness is a feeling of pleasure and positivity. Firstly, there are those that immediately resonate with me as something I have definitely experienced, but just haven’t previously been able to articulate. Bonheur is a word that will possibly be pronounced in a much more sensual way that it is supposed to, but it will still make you happy trying to pronounce it. These words were delightful and I absolutely felt that these needed to be introduced into the English language or borrowed even! Happiness is an emotion that all people want to feel in their everyday lives and in many cases, a person’s culture can play an important part in how they express it. And as such, suggest the possibility that other cultures have stumbled upon phenomena that English-speaking places have somehow overlooked. Happiness in different languages, word tag cloud - download this royalty free Vector in seconds. Here are some unique words you can learn in order to express happiness in 10 different languages from all around the world. Spanish-speaking countries are full of unique places to see and with Spain being one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, you can easily figure out why this word is a part of the everyday lives of natives. There are many ways to express your happiness depends on where you’re from and each way is individual and unique to the country it comes from. This is the translation of the word "joy" to over 100 other languages. These suggest books based on your existing life situation (e.g. A big hello and thank you for reading! These are words where no exact equivalent word or phrase exists in English. Whatever vocabulary we have managed to acquire in relation to happiness will influence the types of feelings we can enjoy. in Indian philosophy, it refers to the taste of bliss in the absence of all thought which is an obstacle in the path […], Answer 5 questions and check to see if you know how many positive words related to HAPPINESS can you match! Onnellisuus reminds the Finnish to stay happy, and you would be surprised to know that there are truly many books written in Finnish with this word included in their titles. Greece is known all around the world for its celebrations and the warm hospitality of the people. This applies to all aspects of life – and not least to that most sought-after and cherished of feelings, happiness. Evidently, English speakers had at least a passing familiarity with this kind of feeling, but lacked the word to articulate it (although I suppose “gloating” comes close) – hence, the grateful borrowing of the German term. When someone feels good, proud, excited, relieved or satisfied about something, that person is said to be "happy". Here are some unique words you can learn in order to express happiness in 10 different languages from all around the world. This word is bound to bring you happiness as long as you are able to pronounce it. It feels like it would require a lifetime of study to even begin to grasp the meaning – which is probably exactly the point of these types of words. This is symbolised by the cherry blossom – and as spring bloomed in England I found myself reflecting at length on this powerful yet intangible notion. This word is used in many different occasions, but it is always present in celebrations and reminds the Serbs that health and happiness go hand in hand. You will be surprised to know that it is not pronounced as “blinds chap” even though this is probably everyone’s first thought, but actually “bleye shup” and it is here to represent joy and gladness. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. As English speakers, we inherit, rather haphazardly, a set of words and phrases to represent and describe our world around us. In Swedish, the word being used to express happiness is actually quite simple. These words were delightful and I absolutely felt that these needed to… Each word mentioned above is unique to each country and it can teach you a lot about that country’s traditions and beliefs. on Clarifying Words for Head vs Heart Decisions, on The Most Popular Jobs After Graduation, on PDF Guide: Hassle-Free PDF Conversion with PDFBear, on Uncomplicated Way of Compressing a PDF Document Online with PDFBear, on Easy, Fast, and Safe Tips to Convert PDF to JPG for Free, on Interactive Methods and Forms to Teach Foreign Languages. The number one word that expresses happiness is the word Opa. I did this by searching for so-called “untranslatable” words from across the world’s languages. Each language has its own linguistic, grammatical and semantic complexities, and many ideas are simply "lost in translation." In any occasion, it plays an important part in the Greek culture and always makes an appearance when plates are being smashed on the dance floor. No membership needed. on How many positive words related to HAPPINESS can you match? Clearly, most people know and understand happiness, at least vaguely. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. University of East London provides funding as a member of The Conversation UK. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I believe these words offer a unique window onto the world’s cultures, revealing diversity in the way people in different places experience and understand life. There are many reasons why this word can bring you happiness, even if you’re not a native speaker. Quiz Loading… If the quiz is not loading take the quiz here. I picked out the ones that I felt truly captured the spirit of happiness and taught us that joy is found in the experiential moment. As a result, their emotional landscape has been enlivened and enriched, able to give voice to feelings that might previously have remained unconceptualised and unexpressed. The limits of our language are said to define the boundaries of our world. But they are hindered by their “lexical limitations” and the words at their disposal. So, in theory, we can actually enhance our experience of happiness simply through exploring language. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. This is because in our everyday lives, we can only really register and make sense of what we can name. How many positive words related to HAPPINESS can you match? Compared to Northern countries like Iceland and Sweden which offer a plethora of difficult-to-pronounce words, Italy is here to offer a word which you will truly enjoy using – Contentezza. Feeling happy may help people to relax and to smile.. Happiness is usually thought of as the opposite of sadness.However, it is possible to feel both at once, often about different things, or sometimes even about the same thing. Passionate about literature, psychology, and life I launched Book Therapy as an alternative form of therapy using the power of literature. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. People are naturally curious about other ways of living, about new possibilities in life, and so are drawn to ideas – like these untranslatable words – that reveal such possibilities. My research, searched for these kind of “untranslatable words” – ones that specifically related to happiness and well-being. Consider the fact that Schadenfreude has been imported wholesale into English. Book Therapy is a participant in the Amazon EU, US and Canada Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, and, Apparently, I’m in the Business of Making People Uncomfortable, Stop Relying On Others For Your Happiness, Being a Buzzkill Doesn’t Make You an Asshole, 7 Unconscious Behaviors That Are Delaying Your Success In Life. Aware — a brief, bittersweet, fleeting moment that exudes divine beauty (Japanese). While many people learning German might tell you that Glück stands for luck, a native speaker will let you know that this is a word that can mean anything from happiness to blessedness. You’re not alone in this – many students struggle with focusing […], Rasasvada meaning Rasāsvāda means appreciation, sipping on juice, the perception of pleasure. anxiety, job change, relationship heartache) as well as interests (e.g memoir, historical fiction, non-fiction, crime etc). Not only is it long, but it also has three letters which repeat themselves and everyone knows that this number is a lucky one. Bon vivant — a person who enjoys a sociable and luxurious lifestyle (French). In any case, this is a word that plays an important role in the German language, and it’s always present when a happy event takes place. Sweden – Glädje. However, these words actually may be far more significant than that. How People Express Their Happiness in 10 Different Cultures. And so I trawled the internet looking for relevant websites, blogs, books and academic papers, and gathered a respectable haul of 216 such words. Over 100,000 German translations of English words and phrases. You can easily use it yourself whenever you’re feeling down and remind yourself that you can find some glädje even in the darkest of days.