These black dots varied in diameter from 0 to 1000 pixels in increments of 100px (0px, 100px, 200px, etc.) Official GTA 1 website > Cities > Liberty City, Official GTA 1 website > Cities > San Andreas, Official GTA 1 website > Cities > Vice City, San Andreas state as depicted in the HD Universe, There's no comparison to the GTA V map in here. They definitely did a good job on the map in this game. There’s no point comparing it to GTA V map. Maps represent and depict regions in the Grand Theft Auto series to enable the player to navigate smoothly throughout the game without getting lost or losing direction. Below is a list of every game map in the GTA series. (Info / ^Contact), There has to be a miscalculation. It was hypothesized that, in a 1000x1000 pixel .png file with a transparent background, the image file size would be directly correlated to the size of any non-transparent pixels in the image. This confirmed that RDR2's map is over twice as big as RDR's. The RDR2 map was overlayed onto the RDR1 map as laid out in the assumptions section. Share this post. Last update 2019-11-08 19:20:38. Man I’ll tell you what. After sorting by “New” and refreshing for the past 12 waking hours of RDR2 eve, I have decided to take action to channel my hype elsewhere. Red Dead Redemption 1 and Red Read Redemption 2 (which for the remainder of this report will be referred to as RDR1 and RDR2, respectively) share a common area in the game—New Austin. Even if the assumptions I made are slightly off, it can be said via this analysis that RDR2's map is nearly 3 times the size of the original RDR1 map, so that alone I think is the big takeaway from this analysis. First dedicated Grand Theft Auto IV fansite. I mean, do the areas featured in both games feature the same boulders next to the river? Every GTA game has had a map which varies in clarity and size. The map size of Just Cause 2 is 250 square km (of mostly emptiness) right? Please read and follow the instructions provided to complete this process. EDIT: Thanks for rubbing it in that ur playing. GTA 4 Speedometer IV v0.3a Mod wurde 46761 heruntergeladen und durchschnittlich mit 5.43 bewertet. I understand buildings and foliage would obviously be different, growing and changing over however many years, but if they stuck to the original map as gospel I would be impressed by the dedication to the continuity. I didn’t bother to compare it to anything else, but now ya know. I requested this in theydidthemath and was directed to you. THAT is not a miscalculation, and it’s a telling fact. For this analysis, I used Adobe Photoshop CS6 for image manipulation, and a combination of Microsoft Excel and Logger Pro to plot data and calculate values. Thank you for your diligent work and have this link. You’re movement, connection to the environment around you, the density. Anyone curious can input a known area (ie your house) at the center of the map and drag it to 29 square miles to give you a more tangible guage. 2D maps, which depict cities navigated through aerial view with simple graphics, feature rectangular ("squared-off") blocks and streets. With “dot diameter” values and corresponding file size values in hand, a plot was generated which showed that file size directly correlates to the number of pixels in the image in in a linear fashion (R-squared=.99822). "― Official GTA 1 website > Cities > Liberty City. Liberty City has acquired a terrible reputation for violent, organized crime over the years. With GTA III, curved streets became graphically possible, thus being introduced on maps. A STATE! Lol it's from a learning site. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Here is how big The Crew's map is compared to the real US. This analysis can be found at this link here, and the user is ultimately able to calculate map areas to a relatively high degree of accuracy. As a biologist by training, I have spent years of college learning how to apply statistics to basic laboratory experiments via analyzing the resulting data. It feels massive. What does this mean? GTA Chinatown Wars map as shown in Android, iOS and PSP versions of the game, GTA V map, featuring the southern part of the San Andreas state as depicted in the HD Universe. Thank god there’s only two hours left of this… see ya’ll on the flip side <3. From the tragedy of Law Island, where a plague out break once killed a million immigrants awaiting transfers to the mainland, to the ethnic charm of Island Heights, to the galleries and sky scrapers of downtown Island City, there is so much to see and do. I always loved games with large maps to explore and I think The Crew is the biggest I have seen. In GTA V, the map became three-dimensional. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, it’s the biggest map ever in a Rockstar game,, [RDTM] u/ppguy323436 calculates the size of the map in Red Dead Redemption 2, Whether you have lived in Liberty all your life, or are visiting for the first time, there is always something new to see. Jetzt herunterladen für GTA 4! Favorite. In GTA IV, a GPS line was introduced to guide the player in getting to their destination. Yea, it's very tiny compared to the actual US, but at least The Crew's map is as big as a state! 1 people found this helpful Reply . Just for reference, here are 29 square miles overlayed over New Orleans, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the reddeadredemption community. Collecting all the news and visuals about GTA IV in one place for your convenience. Like many of you fellow Americans waiting for midnight, the hype has consumed me. Each map .png file had a corresponding file size value, which, as shown in Part I, directly correlates to relative size. Video Game Maps Products > Games > Video games. Nonetheless, inexperienced visitors are advised to avoid The Park at night, when drug-addled squirrels run wild, keep out of Kings at day or night, and to avoid The Brix at any given time. The map in Red Dead Redemption 2 is approximately 29 square miles. These values were plugged into the curve fit via Logger Pro and subsequently converted to the following area values: I suck at formatting, here's a screenshot of my Excel spreadsheet. Having never played either title I am curious how similar the established areas are in the new map. Thanks so much OP! Part I: Calibration Curve To compare the map size of RDR2 to RDR1, the relative area of the RDR1 map (in square miles) needed to be somehow correlated a measurable parameter on a computer. Glad you're enjoying it though..I can't wait. The email address for your Ubisoft account is currently: We have sent you an e-mail to enable you to verify your email address. 04-24-2015 #2. arcticgamez. I'm a bot, bleep, bloop. Latest news, fresh content; we separate the rumors and set the facts straight. You also have to remember though that GTA 5 has cars and planes, so your overall movement speed is exponentially faster than in Red Dead. Every GTA game has had a map which varies in clarity and size. Here is how big The Crew's map is compared to the real US. and were saved as separate .png files. Okay…so it’s big, but exactly how big? Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. It’s no secret that this community loves maps (I love them too, it’s OK), and I feel like part of the reason we are so obsessed with the map in RDR2 is because, allegedly, it’s the biggest map ever in a Rockstar game.