Click on image to learn how the Solar Minimum will affect society, economy and food prices. Somehow, in what we’re to believe is a linearly warming world, Greenland –the poster boy for global warming– is currently the coldest we’ve ever known it to be. After spotting the extremely cold temperature, the team tracked down the scientists who initially installed and operated the station, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The action began on Nov 11 (19:10 UT) when a C2 eruption (pictured above) hurled a... Electroverse continues to be censored. Melting from Greenland's ice sheet broke records last year — losing a total of 532 gigatonnes of mass overall, analysis of satellite data has revealed. We sensible people daily suffer the equivalent of drive-by shootings from semi-official alarmists. Somehow, in what we’re to believe is a linearly warming world, Greenland –the poster boy for global warming– is currently the coldest we’ve ever known it to be. Official confirmation : New record of lowest temperature for October in Greenland and in the Northern Hemisphere ! “It appears Greenland Summit camp has tied the lowest ever October low temperature on record,” says reader Chris Beal. Person I talked to at the summit camp station did not know what the past lowest ever Oct temp they recorded but did say the station has been there since 1998 and could of been some othere temp recording devices before 1998.The person did not know until I told them it looks like the station broke the coldest ever Oct low on record . Independent experts assessed the data, which was said to have been immaculately recorded and kept, the weather of 1991 and the panel unanimously recommended acceptance of the observation as valid. Heck, you might even get a h/tip and a bit of free publicity! I was told the lowest temperature the station recorded on 10/24/2015 was -55.4C at … The vast section of Greenland stretches from Qaanaaq way up north to Upernavik on the coast down to Ilulissat in the Disko Bay. The latter Russian site recorded a new record-high temperature north of the Arctic Circle in June (pictured). Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Camel-inspired material that mimics the way the animals control their body temperature could keep buildings,... What will your area look like in 2100? Ask Joseph Goebbels. Its happened before, it can happen again. And we will have them everywhere, also in places where people live. I was told they do not have good internet access there. Reading of -69.C in 1991 from Greenland is nearly 2C colder than previous known records Precipitation, quite abundant, amounts to 850 mm (33.5 in), so there can be heavy snow accumulations here as well. Info from the other day. At DMI Summit…now closed…the lowest temperature measured during the time the station was alive was -63,3C  on February, 21, 2002…but have in mind that DMI Summit only measured every 3 hours and that no min and max temperatures exist from that station. The following article, from 1929 [sic] , by the Secretary of the American Meteorology Society is interesting. No responses yet so I contacted the station directly today. . But the readings from the station went under the radar, as the body which tracks heat records, the WMO Archive of Weather and Climate Extremes, only formed in 2007. In a news release, the WMO said its “climate detectives" were still working on that one.