Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you do not understand these instructions. 2. �.�Oͥ5~��iꦧ�k�\}g��hkWV-��k'�ny�Z��7B��Lkl�.�����o��^�v�oh��x��Z'Q[�Z�~y�Z�Z��5�'f���&S��Kߧ�j�1��D���x\b�ɤ۸ܮ_�����Z�[͊���u��qЛ��;j����x��u�f�M�>����4�5IU��4� �8�t��njNU���4�7[?�}!�Z��Z]���Am��x�������Ϊ�[�6�g:�ޡ�R��k3�I����/��ʹ�v�c�F8+E���|}�9��{3��Wx�g��0�nQ�^6�Z�2��Z`�[�2(��W��]f߾��n��vӞ��SgݍCN�W4���{Z�Lu�Z�'�D}�x������R�&��!h*��8(5E�������Z�ڹվM������~*��i�n����m��?^HJk%F|1H^k�%���'�`�h�p�v,�u��JH��3��r�m���0~Uk�žw������ʹv9��3h2�A d���i�.�é�=C�������U ��L3�� Our original and best-selling product, the Fleet® Enema is a saline laxative that provides reliable relief from occasional constipation without pain or spasm.. You may be constipated if you have three or fewer bowel movements in a week, and your stools are hard, dry and difficult to pass. (\��q�A �����ç��MbS,����*�x]@s�GFX5 �_�t�Ĩ�5�+�YY;c�'G��ELJ�n��J��-B,�]�% ��e�4���±�No����x��F���F�Q)�(�*��. Fleet Enema Instructions How to use: 1. The enemas should be done 2-hours prior to your arrival time (they may Do not use more than 1 enema in any 24-hour period. INSTRUCTIONS FOR FLEXIBLE SIGMOIDOSCOPY Important – Please read this instruction sheet completely 1. To make easier, we now have videos for each of our products to help guide you. NOTE: Fleet enemas provide immediate bowel cleansing. %�쏢 Using more than one enema in 24 hours can be harmful. If you do not get any results within 30 minutes after using this medicine, call your doctor before using another dose. x��[�r�}߯��즼���f�l�h)���]r�%EJ�I4Y?���7���]RQU�*����>}���T5��U�� �����~W�����������Ӣ�[��P���e���u��Pu���w����o���JHSKUu���������j�j+�F-_�dm�F���պ��0�R�_����r?6xKOb  �VkQK#;S�Z�ژV���U[7M+[�Ds� �0SC%���0�j:k�Ϡ�k�Ky Ji\�7�э��ie?�9��$��ٞ�%�w� ���qk��:)�y�ų��/Q�_�F�J[�W�o�q��5��9Y����B]��N This enema is available at drugstores without a prescription. :���uPlz B�Nb��WG�q��H���El1�����Mk7s�5"a� �?�H� Q �0 3x�7� �Wb?�攽�X4��-�Y����� d�5!P���4xFd %ϒnʶ�v6��"�>�$(�J�8�׻��G�v2ײ����������b6��8. • Administer 2-saline Fleet enemas (green and white packaging) the morning of your procedure prior to arrival time. You may need the enema to relieve constipation. <> Keep all medicines out of the reach and sight of children. Patients should be warned to stop administration if resistance is felt because forced administration may cause local damage. Fleet Enema should cause you to have a bowel movement within 1 to 5 minutes. 2. Fleet Enema should be administered following the instructions for use and handling (see section 4.2). %PDF-1.4 Remove orange protective shield from enema Comfortip® before inserting. Fleet® Saline Enema Relief in just 1-5 minutes. �x���Y/R���9��! �&�l�(�`�&p {'��. An enema may also be used to clean out your bowel before you have a procedure or surgery. A Fleet enema is liquid medicine used to help you have a bowel movement. Insertion may be easier if person receiving enema bears down, as if having a bowel movement. Purchase one bottle of Magnesium Citrate and two Fleet® cleansing enemas (green and white box) at any pharmacy. stream 5 0 obj How to use Fleet® We know you may be intimidated or unsure on how to use our products. After administering the enema, the urge to “go” takes approximately 2-5 minutes. With steady pressure, gently insert enema tip into rectum with a slight side-to-side movement, with tip pointing toward navel. It’s super simple, just 3 easy steps and you’re on your way to feeling relief.