It comes with a serving scoop, very tiny. 1 teaspoon baking soda Cal 0 Where would I find them? don’t add more water yet. Homemade ice cream recipes strongly Creamed cake made with honey: it's surprisingly phenomenal! I wonder if it wouldn't be too much of a bother for me to ask what might be off with this recipe below: We’ve had the same experience. (1/4 tsp vs 1 tsp. Maybe try using half of original amount of sugar, and then do the stevia/applesauce formula to replace the other half? Is there something I’m missing here? Simply Stevia is a great natural sweetener with no fillers – our powdered Stevia is organic certified and we are working to get our liquid organic certified (won’t be until 2013). I have used stevia extract powder to replace sugar in many instances when it comes to making icings and desserts using whipping cream. 1/4 teaspoon or 6-9 drops. While such products are still sweet, they don’t compare in strength to the pure powder. Hey love this forum, so happy I ran across it. Depending on how ripe the fruit is, I usually grind about a teaspoon chia seeds and three drops of liquid stevia per pint of fruit. Perhaps a half cup of Stevia would do? ), start with that and experiment by tasting until you get what you like. I tsp stevia to one cup but 1/4 tsp stevia to one TBS sugar? Pour into cupcake pan and bake at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes or until slightly browned. Maybe I shouldn’t have read these letters. If I remember right, the conversion is surprising, like 1T stevia leaf powder to 1 cup sugar. You can’t just replace the sugar, you have to replace the bulk, cup for cup, with something else. I would love to have your carrot cake recipe using no sugar at all. I’ve been doing some research and have been reading about xanthan gum to help with consistency. I got a great book for Elana Amsterdam from Elana’s Pantry and all of her recipes are agave or honey. How much sugar should I substitute? Packets are different. With just a few tablespoons of sugar called for in the original recipe, there's no real difference in flavor, crumb, or rise between the two loaves. This thread is sounding like a drug deal, lol. I’m not sure about you but I’m pretty sure something might be mistyped in the recipe you’re looking at:), Its already been decided the topmost chart has a TYPO. You guys are too funny. But you DO like the after effects of sugar??? If it is only 1 tsp, just double the above. I do my Lattes also that way. maybe 2/3 tsp? Your Conversion Chart is incorrect, if: Baking with liquid Stevia is very different that granulated sugar. Bag,

Cut your calories in half with Splenda Brown Sugar Blend Sweetener! Thanks for your positive response. I won’t be back. We need the Bulk to be packed in sachets in our facilities. The brand I’ve used all these years is: ‘Herbal Authority’ company- on single packages says ‘All Natural Sweet Herb- Stevia with Inulin Fiber’. Did you ever find the answer? You are just buying water. 1/2C Sugar = 1/2 Tsp Stevia Last I checked (on amazon) it was only available in larger amounts, but it’s the real deal. I have also found baked yams work well! 1 pound limes Great tastes—without using sugar. 1 Cup Sugar = 4 Tablespoons Stevia 8 cups water Something’s not right with that so the question is pretty justified. I’m trying to figure out how many carbs im taking in with just 6 drops. 1-3/4 cups all-purpose flour (cal 770) baking soda. Instead of 1 1/2 cups sugar, I add 2 teaspoons sugar just so the bottom of the cookies get brown. I think in order to arrive at the desired sweetness for any recipe substitution it would have to be on a trial and error basis. Since liquid sweeteners don’t have a granular structure, they don’t create the tiny air pockets that make baked goods light and fluffy. stevia and 1T. Thank you. for the whole loaf is 3,975 calories On page 33 it explained all the different sweeteners that keep the blood sugar down. How many pkts of stevia do you need to sweeten I don’t get it. Dear Kimberly , I don’t have an exact measure for you but can say that a very small pinch of the powder gets my coffee plenty sweet . I’ve substituted Stevia for sugar in several recipes and they all taste good. The top of the lids are green. We are. Nancy. i made my tea and figured out that 6 pints of tea takes 3 TBS stevia to make it sweet this is according to my taste for the tea! I tried to bake shortbread cookies with Stevia today! I'm trying to eat low carb and this is an excellent substitute for real brown sugar. Now brand stevia has a conversion chart on their site for those of you disputing over calculations. The recipe called for 3/4 C. brown sugar. If you use that conversion (1/12 or .083) to get the conversion for the amount of stevia needed to substitute 1 cup of sugar, you would get 1.3 tablespoons. Wouldn’t it seem reasonable for a packet of stevia to equal a packet of Spenda, Equal, or any other brand? I get i won’t have the maple flavour but thats fine. They are NOT the same (except getting your money)! Aspartame, used in no-calorie sweeteners like Equal and NutraSweet, is the most studied artificial sweetener. I wouldn’t get hung up on it. Even the tiny amount you may gather onto the point of a dinner knife might make that cup of tea or coffee too sweet. For every one cup of sugar that is replaced by stevia 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of the bulk should be added.” Because this recipe is minimal, I have my doubts as to whether this would work. Please just experiment , so you might waste a cup of coffee ! Is there a chart that determines the sugar equivalents for the packets of stevia? I’m thinking it may sink, I would allow some but hopefully not much as I want the cake to look appetizing! I have a friend with diabetes who has the sweetest tooth ever. your rea or coffee? I have diabetes so I have to eat this rather than sugar. Why doesn’t the website at least get this right? once the sugar has dissolved, add the remaining water. I finally found that 1/2 teaspoon of a brand with stevia and erythritol very closely replicates the 1 heaping tablespoon of sugar (I know, I know!) I’m still unclear about this. So i need to know how much sugar to use. Happy baking! It’s so long since I’ve used table sugar I don’t recall See our complete collection of Tips and Techniques posts. Thanks. This is why many/most of the liquid stevia drops you find in the store are in glycerin, because glycerin is already sweet, and the stevia boosts that inherent sweetness (so it can be used by itself then). Roxie. Liquid Stevia? I wouldn’t trust this site or any of these ridiculous comments terrible. There is not an equal amount of brown sugar-to-sucralose because sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sugar.