Freelance and Remote Web Content Writer is the current hat under which Ang keeps on the global move. The pitch can be used online in LinkedIn profiles and introductory emails too! It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Elevator Pitch for Students and Interns: A common elevator pitch is for students and interns looking for jobs at a job fair. The purpose of an elevator pitch for students is to get your foot in the door at a company. The video we’re sharing on elevator pitches will be able to guide you to learn more. I would love the opportunity to put my education and passion to work, specifically for your company.”. Remember: your elevator pitch is a key component of your personal brand. An elevator pitch is a short speech in which you explain your experience, background and various strengths as an individual and employee. As-such, you may have more flexibility and leeway in positing career goals that others may consider lofty or unrealistic. Raj Echambadi Apply here. In addition to taking classes, I have spent my time volunteering with _____ and working with _____. I am really interested in becoming a_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in the the field of_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _(specify industry). But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. This helps to ease the flow of the conversation and your elevator pitch. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It can encourage the listener to ask you more questions, opens the door for you to talk about the benefits of co-op and your program, and may give you the chance to talk about why you’d be the perfect hire at their organization. My “elevator pitch” actually helped me land my first job out of college. I’m a Bachelor of Commerce student at Algonquin College. It should include the credentials, skills and other qualifications that may set you apart as an exceptional employee and individual. In essence, here you will begin selling yourself on what you want. To use when meeting an employer at a job fair. Elevator pitches are named for the amount of time it takes to ride an elevator from the bottom to the top of a building, roughly 30-seconds or 75-words. We’re agile. Follow this with your professional background by listing what your successes have been. You should give a firm handshake, speak clearly and directly, and have a good, solid understanding of what you offer and what you are looking for. You should also practice your elevator pitch out loud. As a college or high school student, coming up with an elevator pitch will be surrounded by your current studies and areas of focus. © Copyright 2020 Slidebean IncorporatedAll rights reserved. It’s called an “elevator pitch” for a reason — you’re supposed to be able to deliver the entire thing during an elevator ride. This is especially important as a college or high school student, where your future career and career goals are not yet set in stone. Whether you’re in line at a Starbucks or at your local grocery store, you never know who you may meet and what opportunities may present themselves. Often, this will take the shape of a question you ask. This will vary depending on the occasion, and that’s perfectly okay. Shortly before graduation, I was at a networking event where several alumni were present, and I ended up meeting the guy who would end up hiring me. You should end the conversation with a polite, “thank you so much for your time and the opportunity to discuss the work you are doing. This can mean someone sitting next to you during a quick flight as much as business people in a networking event or a new guest at a family party. Â, Also, think of your profile on LinkedIn, for instance. When giving a brief summary on your background, you should only include the most relevant information. What are your superpowers? Hand one out as you finish your pitch and increase your chances that way of sealing your deal.Â, These should be some of the most helpful 30 seconds to your career than you have ever imagined. Although this is a risk in any pitch, it is one you should become comfortable with. Work hard at being honest about your current situation. However, it can be qualified with additional, relevant information. That’s why we’ve picked out a set of the best elevator pitch examples for students. Planning out the perfect pitch can often be overwhelming, since it requires condensing your overall goals and strengths in just a short amount of time. An elevator pitch for students is a perfect way to provide a new contact with a brief, succinct overview of your accomplishments and plans for the future. Many times, the call to action will actually be rejected or quietly denied. Elevator pitches are extremely useful to have ready especially for the interview process. In addition to reaching possible employers and corporate partners, elevator pitches can also be used to gain potential investors in a company or project. First, practice, practice, practice so that you’re comfortable with it. But nonetheless, a deliverable elevator pitch is … Lastly, be sure to exude confidence in your pitch and yourself. No one wants to sit through a 15-minute speech. No elevator pitch is fully complete without mention of what your plans are and what you want your future to look like. This is how you should end your pitch. Then also line this up with your best skills in a way that is directly related to the position you want.Â, Let’s vary this second example to consider a stand-alone presentation. Great, you’ve given them the facts. As-such, when you make your elevator pitch, you should always close with a call to action. You can also follow us on Twitter @AlgonquinCoop. It is a way of presenting themselves quite clearly and concisely and it should include mention of the person’s goals and set of skills.Â, Elevator pitches work well to put in a good word for you with someone who interests you professionally, at an educational level, or in your career. This will help to set the tone for the conversation and will allow you to appear as a more buttoned-up individual. The question you end on should further your goal—in this case, finding a co-op position. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Aside from the paycheck, what do you hope to get out of a job? When meeting a lot of people in a short amount of time, it really really really helps to have a solid elevator pitch for yourself. We use cookies to enhance your experience. A pitch deck that stands out can say a lot about the stage your company is in. Say you haven’t yet graduated and your work experience is limited. So that means it should be no longer than 45 seconds to a minute. Thanks for your time. I will send you an email follow-up to confirm our meeting for later this week.”, If they do not agree with your call to action, a simple “I understand and thank you for your time. Take the bullet points of an elevator pitch and use them to describe the basic goals of the investment and why it is worth an investor’s time and financial backing. What are your three top tips for college students who are making an elevator pitch? If you have it committed to memory, that becomes much easier to do. The goal of an elevator pitch is to sell yourself and your abilities in 30 seconds. You should also show initiative, by detailing the extra-curricular activities you have undertaken to improve your skills in that area. Then wrap this up with a question that matters, such as who the best point of contact is to follow up on your interest later.Â, To give you some ideas, you can ask about internship opportunities. Your elevator pitch should be succinct and should be refined. Otherwise, you'll see Ang riding a motorcycle on their vegan way out of theater rehearsal. Having an effective elevator pitch can not only set the stage for the conversation but can also help to … While the hook might sound a bit far-fetched, it should set the example of tailoring compelling pitch openings that actually speak directly to your audience. D’Amore-McKim faculty, staff, students, alumni, donors, and friends are all invested in each other’s success, and collectively this community has helped to raise the standards of our school. Current research shows that the decision-making process is, in fact, based on very specific factors and rules of persuasion, each of which should be integrated into an effective elevator pitch. As long as you describe what you do and what you hope to achieve, that should be long enough. This should be something that differentiates you from your colleagues such as your degree and performance, athleticism or other interest that you believe your target will be able to relate to. Because of this, it can find a home in all parts of your professional toolkit. The smartest presentation platform now available at a unique price point for students and teachers. Whether a phone interview or an in-person one, you will need to be prepared to discuss, and provide, a summary of who you are and what you are looking to accomplish. Elevator Pitch Example for Students “Hi, my name is Ashley and I am a third-year business major at _____ University. My current formation in information sharing and online collaboration would be a perfect start to further grow as a mobile application developer with your company.