After this bonding moment, Dorothy apologizes for calling Ruby "wolfie" earlier, but Ruby likes it and chooses "Kansas" as Dorothy's nickname. Little Neal and Henry bonding However, soon enough it will be clear: the old days don't always go by and even beloved people pretend. Human Give them a little credit. Dorothy believes the growling Toto has identified Ruby as a witch, but Ruby explains her wolf heritage.

LESBIANS 2 notes. Biographical Information Slow-Burn SwanQueen. Ruby and Dorothy moments (i mean really, we need this) It was a shame the Enchanted Florest was not a good place for two women to fall in love....or is it? However, when the pair return to Storybrooke, they discover the town, and their lovers, have all moved on! Dorothy was looking for the same thing ever since her family had abandoned her, now she had Ruby. As they begin to leave, they see a cyclone appear in the distance, which Dorothy recognizes that it is bringing the Wicked Witch, Zelena, back to Oz.

Will end happily, and despite the first chapter, will be light on angst. Dorothy is beautiful, wise and oh so free.How can someone so different make you feel so equal? The war had raged on for many years, the people of Misthaven would say too many, and there was only one way to end it, only one way to quiet talks of rebellion. lot of negative comments from Facebook, people shocked because two girls were The Munchkins cheered for the curse on their beloved and benevolent hero was broken. GAY POWER COUPLE! One wants to solve a case that is becoming an increasingly absorbing obsession, the second girl has no idea what someone got her into. yes, you moron, also two girls can love each others , this can be TRUE LOVE: This The casting call name for her young self was "Betsy". 1. Neither of them expected to meet the other, especially in such circumstances. normal? Brown Dorothy Gale is based on the character of the same name from the children's novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Relevant Pages First appearance:

Detective Robin from Homicide and Missing Persons is always busy, looking to piss off the next monster. One bad decision led her to the monstrous ‘Crocodile,’ a mobster in New York who goes by the name Gold. On a different note, everyone is a bit irritated over how rushed the Ruby/Dorothy storyline was. They've sacrificed themselves to save their true loves and the town. Dorothy clicks her heels in The Wizard of Oz (1939). Two, Mulan and Ruby are allowed to be close friends. Um, yeah, I’m writing this, so duh – it’s all love all the time. Interestingly enough… Emma Swan & Regina Mills are original OUAT characters, not Disney Mains. Just another of my two-part one-shots featuring two of my favored OUAT couples. Dark brown I would have loved to have seen more scenes of them together.

Things I want from Once Upon a Time: And my heart melted when they kissed ♡, HOLY SHIT