This unique leather woven headboard is durable and inexpensive to create. In this version, the creator suggests using wrapping paper to draw and adjust the pattern before drawing directly on the lumber. The DIY tutorial is well documented with the most challenging part being attaching the door to the wall. Another cool tutorial from TheSorryGirls – a faux leather woven headboard. Follow the directions on your bed frame to attach headboard to the bed frame. Source. Luckily, she came across KHallbergDesign on Etsy and was able to put together a simple tutorial based on her experience. Ana White. This is a rustic wood king-size headboard but the size can be adjusted by measuring your bed to determine width. (Little Girl’s Room Edition!). This is a great DIY project that can be completed quickly by two people. Line top trim piece up with outer leg piece and nail down, nailing every six to eight inches. Only taking a few hours to assemble, and around $50 in supplies, this planked wood headboard is affordable and quick! She specializes in instructions for DIY woodworking and furniture plans. This classic style is a timeless addition, suitable for most design tastes. In this version, six coats of paint were used but you could stop before then to suit your style preferences. Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Thanks so much for stopping by! Apply glue to one side of two 1x3 leg pieces and place on headboard legs as shown in illustration. Kids often have a hard time parting with their favorite T-shirts even after they've outgrown them. Simply, open up and flatten a cardboard box to create your template, customize the curves and get started. The tutorial is an incredibly well written piece on building an inexpensive headboard and there is even an installation movie! The instructions also include a list of all materials so you can easily get started on your version. Talk about personalized decor, thanks to you can monogram more than just your towels . Similar woven items can cost over $700, but follow Jessica’s tutorial and it’ll cost you less than 1/10th of that. Those darker square spots you see on wood are where the fence planks were nailed to the posts, so they have weathered differently. We love how chic this barn door looks in a neutral bedroom. If you haven’t heard of her, you need to check her out! The tutorial explains how to tailor your design decisions to your specific project and includes drawings, photos and measurements for a king size bed. This luxurious looking headboard can be found at TheSorryGirls and includes a quick guide for your own project. This exquisite DIY idea is perfect for anyone who’s been dreaming of a tufted headboard but has been held back by costs. For headboard idea and design you will select, the free step-by-step instructions and complete tutorials will also be available just with one click, click the reference links for that!! Thanks to Jessica’s documenting every step of the way, you’ll be able to build it with ease, following her very detailed instructions. Then they used a dark walnut stain so the darkness would show through after it was distressed. If you’re looking for inspiration for an ocean or beach themed room, also shared some photos of several color combinations she tried before settling on this palette. We gave it a weathered, barn-wood look, but you can paint or stain it any style or color. The DIY headboard shown here was made using reclaimed wood. Though it may look like a lot of work, the project is only a few steps and is quite easy to complete. This is a very easy guide to follow and a DIY project to complete. The headboard is Ana White’s “Mom’s Fancy Farmhouse Bed” headboard. We especially love that they played up the door’s features by keeping the knob exposed. The herringbone pattern is attached to a plywood backing where the legs are fastened. Nail every six to eight inches with 2-inch nails. The super cool DIY video explains how to build it from start to finish; meaning you can easily replicate this idea in your home for a bohemian addition to any bedroom. From the genius minds behind HeyThereHome this fabric tufted headboard looks high end but is perfect for the builder on a budget. This version’s step-by-step guide features just enough description to easily follow it to completion with some twists on the original ideas. There is also a list of materials and tools needed to put it together, so grab your partner and a toolbox and get busy! By keeping the design simple, you too, can incorporate a marquee sign into your bedroom’s decor by using Christmas lights! The upholstered headboard is a classic design that is perfect for any bedroom and can be adjusted to fit all bed sizes. So, I basically added extra planks to widen the headboard panel and then built it from there. This magnificent diamond tufted design only cost $44 to build! Yah. This DIY headboard designed by Kara Layne and her husband, follows a simple plan that can be adjusted to fit any size bed. In this DIY headboard replace a loom for a strategically cut length of latch-hook canvas. Basic steps include screwing together a wood frame, staple vertical blinds to it and hang it on the wall. With so many choices, you may want to build new headboards for every bedroom in your home. Vacuum headboard with a soft-bristled brush attachment to remove sanding residue then wipe the surface with a damp washcloth. This fresh take on a traditional design uses vintage sheets and 14″ square wall art pieces. The use of reclaimed wood means your DIY project will have a unique, one-of-a-kind look. Nail every six to eight inches using 2-inch nails, making sure to keep top and outside edges flush. This cut list provides the dimensions for other bed sizes. Free plan is also included. Learn how to make a headboard from some scrap wood and a salvaged picket fence. The tutorial provides a complete overview of how they cleaned, sanded, sawed and built the legs for this funky design. For added character, select boards that are rustic in nature with imperfections, cracks and knots but are straight. And if you’re creative type and would love to build a headboard on a very small budget then you’ll find some unique tutorials that could save you tons of money.