(Please note this training will take place entirely online). The Dharma Yoga Life of a Yogi (DY LOAY) 200-Hour Teacher Training is an exploration of yoga with an emphasis placed on mastering both physically and through teaching the Dharma I and Dharma Gentle classes. Something that you feel deep within. Yogic books, materials and invaluable props such as the Dharma Yoga Classic Wheel can be purchased in person or online through our shop to support you in your yoga journey at home. Sadhakas will have. Please note the schedule below is for our online offerings of the January/February and June 2021 200 hour teacher training. 200 Hr Online Meditation Teacher Training . Giving money and other means of support expresses gratitude and support to the teacher and helps to ensure that these teachings continue. The curriculum focuses on Dharma Yoga Charging Practice, the Dharma Raja Yoga Breathing and Meditation Series and offering Spiritual Discourse as part of classes. Here at Zen Awakened we’re on a mission to train at least 108 Dharma teachers to help transform the world. however, we will of course update this information if something changes. Teachers give the Dharma freely so that anyone, no matter their financial means can attend classes. Unfortunately, it is unlikely we be able to offer an in-person 200 hour training for 2021, however, we will of course update this information if something changes. The Zen Awakened Dharma Teacher Training Program is a chance for you to go deeper into the dharma. January 25-30 & February 1-6 & 8-10, 2021 Dharma Yoga 500-hour Life of a Yogi Teacher Training. All applicants are required to have had at least 50 hours of Dharma Yoga instruction. All sessions of the training will be recorded and saved to the World Mastery platform for viewing at your convenience for up to one year after the end of the training. Phase 1: At the end of this phase you can begin to teach – these modules may change as the program unfolds, Module 1: The Life of the Buddha (8 Weeks)PLS purchase “Buddha by Karen Armstrong as this is the text we’ll be using for this module)Module 2: The Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path (15 Weeks)PLS purchase “Awaken” by Ian Paul Marshall as this is the text we’ll be using for this module – we will also be using video recordings as well), Module 3: The Three Dharma Seals (8 Weeks), Module 4: Foundations of Meditation (12 Weeks)Module 5: The Four Immeasurables (6 Weeks)Module 6: The Elements of Awakening (12 Weeks)Module 7: The Five Precepts (6 Weeks)Module 8: Staying Awake – The Paramitas (8 Weeks)Module 9: The Bodhisattva and the Bodhisattva Path (15 Weeks)Module 10: Being a Dharma Teacher, Phase 2: This section will help you to go even deeper into your practice, Module 11: The Essence of ZenModule 12: The Perfect Enlightenment SutraModule 13: The Heart SutraModule 14: Buddhist Ceremonies. Each time one receives teachings, it is an opportunity to consciously practice generosity. Monday – Friday: 7 – 11:30 a.m. EST / 2:30 – 6 p.m. EST (8 hours total), Saturdays: 7 – 9:30 a.m. EST / 1:30 – 5:30 p.m. EST (6.5 hours total). When deciding how much to offer, one should think about what these teachings mean to you and try to give accordingly. To apply for Financial Aid, request the DY LOAY TT Scholarship Application Form from us. This training is an exploration into all facets of Dharma Yoga. As a part of the program, the group, en masse, will engage in a Karma yoga project. 212-889-8160 At the end of your Dharma Teacher Training you’ll benefit from being part of a global network of teachers and sanghas, having ready made lesson plans to work from, dharma talks and series to help you bring these teachings to the world. Learns all dharma room practice forms including: Morning bell chant (memorize if possible), The concepts of: interpenetration, emptiness, mind only, Names and characteristics of Bodhisattvas common to our tradition, Familiar with life stories and teaching of. The main requirement is to have a desire to help others and guide them on their yoga journey. These trainings are compilations of knowledge learned by Sri Dharma in his over 50 years of practice in classical, Hatha-Raja Yoga. a Dharma Yoga Teacher Training. Each person receiving Dharma teachings determines the kind and amount of Dāna according to one’s heart and one’s financial means. While we do encourage you to participate “live” when possible, this additional option is very valuable for anyone with specific scheduling conflicts as you will not miss any of the material. JENN O’DELL. Immersive 200-Hour Temple Yoga Teacher Training. Teaching responsibilities at your Dharma Centre (as assigned by guiding teacher), General Considerations and Responsibilities. For assistance with any scholarship-related questions, please contact Adam at adam@dharmayogacenter.com. If necessary, you can satisfy this requirement by attending Sri Dharma Mittra’s streaming classes via Zoom as well as AloMoves, YogaVibes, OmStars, or Vimeo. It is recommended that students make an offering of dāna at the beginning of a class or retreat to establish the intention to make the most of this opportunity for one’s own progression and for the benefit of all others. How the Dharma Teacher Training Program Works, Dharma Teachers In Training VowsIn addition to the Five Precepts Dharma Teacher take on the Dharma Teacher Training Vows(to be said and practiced daily – please work this into your daily routine now). ), Serves as head dharma teacher for retreats, Leads retreats as requested by guiding teacher, Is a (shining) example to others in the dharma room, Contributes to a positive and harmonious atmosphere at the centre’s, Approaches practice and teaching responsibilities with humility and patience, Understands and appreciates the importance of one’s public behavior as it affects the Zen Awakened Center’s relationship with the, When teaching outside of the normal Zen Awakened Centre’s environment consults with the guiding teacher, Because “dharma teacher” has different meanings in different Buddhist traditions, appreciates this when interacting with, Accepts and heeds advice and direction from guiding teacher, Wears proper robe and kasa at daily practice, retreats and ceremonies, Supports the Zen Center with time and money as is possible, Establishes a daily practice and attends the local centre regularly, Attends at least two/four retreats per year for a minimum of two years, Establishes and maintains a clear relationship with Zen Awakened guiding teacher, Consults the Dharma Mirror and experienced dharma teachers for pointers on forms and protocol. The Dharma Teacher Training Program is supported by Dana. The Dharma Yoga Life of a Yogi (DY LOAY TT) 200-hour Teacher Training is an exploration of the classical, yet modern Dharma Yoga Method, with an emphasis placed on mastering both physically and through teaching the Dharma I and Dharma Gentle class series.