Designers reveal which models they buy, and how to give them a serious upgrade. The pop of color makes organizing look fun. HOTY; IDEAS; Submit hack; Shop; Book; About; Home; Start Here; HACKS; IDEAS; HOTY; Submit Hack; Shop ; About. The additional texture will add so much more depth and dimension to your room and will also look like  a one off piece rather than a mass produced unit. HIGH-DESIGN IKEA HACKS HAVE ARRIVED. Ok, well we'll paint a picture. Continue the wall colour and panelling style onto the cabinet for a completely coherent finish. It’s amazing that this little table comes in so cheap even though it has a glass top! Again, we're showing you here how the IVAR cabinet has the incredible capacity to be turned into furniture that looks absolutely bespoke. I have also found simple but well-designed light fixtures that are perfect for modern, clean-lined beach cottage living, especially some of their undulating wood veneer chandeliers. If you've ever owned or rented a home, there's a good chance you've selected and possibly assembled (likely with some difficulty) an Ektorp, Leirvik, Malm, or other similarly Swedish-dubbed furniture item from everyone's favorite Scandinavian brand: IKEA. Add a ladder for that extra flourish! And in a world full of countless Ikea hacks—most of which are more about aesthetics than functional updates—this is a refreshing approach to rethinking Ikea’s design. ", "I like to think outside the box and find different ways to use things I find at IKEA. Add a fun pop of colour with a bright pigment or just create an understated contrast with a more muted tone. Warning! 12 ideas to style it up. The above IKEA hack works especially well at the height of the window sill, as it's the perfect height for a ledge ready to style. Here, you can also create fun motifs for children's rooms like with the TARVA chest. Source: Ich Designer. This side table starts off in the great Ikea style of pale wood, but with your previous purchase (you’re actually doing all these hacks, right?) Just by changing the handles and adding some legs you create the look of a completely different piece of furniture. The IVAR cabinet is perfect for maximising storage as it can be stacked as much as you like. We've mentioned transforming your IKEA furniture with some legs quite a bit and we've also spoken very highly of the effects of a fresh lick of paint. If you're sporting brass accents, then brass handles is the perfect way to create fruition in your room. We think this glass-effect table from Ich Designer would look great in ANY house and you can achieve it with the simple addition of mirrored acrylic sheets (cut to size 55cmx55cm, polished edge). Finish off the look with a decorative mirror and a statement lamp. The hack involves using a dark wax for the bottom half and a white wood paint on the top. Yes, Lack, in a post about high-end Ikea hacks! But you have to admit, it looks awesome! Stuff. We love this Alice and Lois hack just as it is, but can imagine using a faux fur for the upholstery as an added bit of luxury! The Bladdra is another storage solution that I often recommend to clients. This is where you can really go to town dressing your room with stylish items you’ve collected, book stacks and small plants. We've already mentioned how fashionable rattan is at the moment. They’re stackable, which makes them super-dynamic and a great home for many everyday eyesores. But you have to admit, it looks awesome! Add baskets to hide the clutter.". We love the paint sectioning in the above room, and how it's continued across the cabinets. To add marble effect shelving you can also use marble vinyl. The IVAR cabinet can be wall mounted, and the above image shows how effective this can be. When we think of our dream home, we don't necessarily think IKEA is going to be where we find the products that are going to furnish it. Add a lovely house-shaped frame of black washi tape to the wall behind, or the incredible kit supplied by Limmaland @ Etsy. A bathroom by Karen Vidal with an IKEA sink top. James and Catrin are a husband and wife team that just love interior deigns and home styling. We saw a bench seat created with the KALLAX unit, but what children sometimes like the view above. Thanks Ikea! Multiple cabinets (and at £45 a unit, you can afford to) lined up and boxed in along the entire length of the wall adds a huge amount of storage, yet isn't imposing on the room whatsoever. Why not try it, as in the picture, with an aloe vera plant or a snake plant? And thank you The Lovely Drawer for this hack. It comes as a bare wood product which needs to be painted/varnished/waxed and so is perfect for a hack. This could be done by staining the existing wood, cladding or even just using a wood effect vinyl adhesive. Add that certain something and extra flourish yourself! If we are feeling particularly fancy, we sometimes add legs from a Swedish company called Pretty Pegs that makes the most amazing custom legs for all kinds of IKEA products.". The following collection are examples of high-end Ikea hacks that are both beautiful and easy to achieve. Clad the headboard with a light wood  to give a rustic, natural Scandinavian look. Don't dismiss DIY just yet, as you could double the value of your basic IKEA furniture in just a day. Architectural Digest may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. A little birdy told us one of IKEA’s most iconic designs, BILLY, has turned 40. Once upon a time, high-gloss finishes was the epitome of a super modern look, but like all fads, they go in and out of fashion. Book in a FREE, no obligation call with one of our advisors to find out how we could help with your project. It’s also gender-neutral and, with some custom bedding, personalizes any room, whether it's for a child, a preteen, or a guest.". © 2020 Condé Nast. You can also use a showpiece such as an antique chest, painting, photograph, or mirror, which will instantly transform a closet into a special room. Browse thousands of ideas to transform your IKEA furniture to fit your home and life. Source: Ich Designer. Upcycling, duh. The bed's wide variety of finishes, clean lines, simple construction, and streamlined look can elevate many different design styles at a very low cost. Ok, so the actual Lack table is completely covered up, but it creates the perfect frame for this upcycled gem. Voila, a stylish rattan effect cupboard. IKEA is amazing for super affordable and functional pieces, but they don't necessarily have that 'je n'ais ce quoi' that you look for in special furniture pieces that give the designer finish. I'm obsessed with their Tjena boxes—my office shelves are lined with them. Upgrading the hardware with bespoke handles elevates the result effortlessly. This makes them the perfect canvas for turning your furniture in artwork or creating an inventive scheme for a little one. Ikea hacking is not only a great way to save money on a style of furniture you really like the look of, but can’t justify the expenditure, it is also great fun! Opt for wallpapering the back panel for even more character. Make sure the book covers follow the colour scheme, or just paint those hardbacks too! The IKEA STOMMA clock was created … We have an eight-foot run of Besta cabinets in our office, with bronze spray-painted Nannarp legs and a plywood top that we stained walnut. This can add a splash of colour, an understated contrast and depth to the bookcase. Not only can you and your visitors comfortably remove shoes but also when you sit down you take a moment to enjoy your surroundings and the hall is often an overlooked part of the house. We've mentioned the power of paint, but it doesn't always need to be a bright contrast. You will be able to create pieces that are customised to your own style and that fit in with your existing decor. That's why we're always looking out for talented, passionate and inventive people to help us in our mission to make homes beautiful. I think it is so important, if you have space, to include a bench in your hall design. Ikea’s Summer 2020 Collection is Bright and Bold. This beautiful sideboard is no more than two IVAR cabinets, some gold tape and some added legs. Want to go that step further? No we're not talking about what type of produce to pick up from the veggie isle at the supermarket (although, you totally should go organic). This makes it perfect for a little one's room to add a fun splash of colour and pattern and some helpful extra storage. I also upholstered just the headboard, which added extra panache to the design. We love hairpin legs (which you can get in all sorts of finishes… we like brass of course!) A custom cabinet makes it look like an expensive European sink top. By Hadley Kelle r. April 13, 2017 . It looks great faux-painted in an antique finish. This is a super simple way to make your IKEA furniture match or complement existing wood finishes within your room scheme. This post may contain affiliate links. If you have tall ceilings you could create an impressive floor to ceiling storage unit. Follow our progress and insights as the site develops. Stack books or magazines as an alternative to a desk leg to give a quirky, creative edge to your desk. Mountain ranges, flowers or even a whole solar system can be painted on the chest to satisfy your children's dreams and imagination. Once the client saw the impact a small investment can have in transforming a space, it was a no-brainer. I’m guessing everyone has come across an Ikea hack at some point in their lives. Create amazing effects with paint that takes the furniture from low-end to high-end in a few brush strokes. Hygge and Ikigai: Just What the Hell are They, and How Do I Get Some? This was made for a Billy bookcase but can easily be used for a Pax wardrobe too. The good thing about faux fur is that the fur covers the folds you need to make in the fabric! The chipboard doors are a stunning industrial look that is bang on trend at the moment. It’s a very simple one, but so effective. "The Odensvik double sink top is one of my all-time favorites! In our household, the goal is usually to turn an Ikea product into something any interior designer would have in their own home. Here you can see a fun fabric sleeve has been made for the MALM bed frame, with a little pouch for toys. The above chest of drawers has just been painted a bright white, so it looks clean and fresh. I’m also a huge fan of the Kuggis box. Their extremely clean look meshes well with my minimalist style, and they can hold anything from a pair of shoes to smaller items like sunglasses or mail. If space and budget permit during the construction process, consider encasing the system into a drywall alcove; it will provide a custom millwork effect instantly. They are so clean and roomy, and can be wall-mounted or customized with your own legs and/or tops. You can buy cupboard door, drawer and shelf inserts directly from IKEA, so no extra carpentry is required! Image credit: Instagram So, what's the solution? We've collated our favourite updates for you to hopefully inspire, recreate or just get your creative juices flowing. Rattan is super on-trend at the moment, and your basic IKEA furniture is the perfect opportunity to include it in your interior. There is a big move towards more organic and 'earthy' interiors, from colours to materials. 39 Ikea Hacks that are Simple and Super Stylish. Cut some thin parquet style tiles to size and clad them to your drawer to seriously upgrade your simple chest of drawers. A lot. Want to go that one step further? and the addition of these legs to a simple Linnmon table top is all you need for a stylish coffee table/desk/dining table/dressing table. Their selection of hardware is impressive, and the design is drool-worthy! Ok, so now you’re thinking “These guys really take an idea and run with it”.