HIS PIETY. It was certainly not an easy life or an easy time in the history of Israel for Daniel to live. “Man of high esteem” (10:19). I am beginning a new study tomorrow on the prayer life of Daniel and your excellent background on his life helps the process. Daniel continued in court service until the fall of Babylon. God throws down the prideful and raises up the humble. You will receive our practical and in-depth Bible study of Hebrews in .epub and .pdf versions delivered to your inbox. Daniel was about 80 when Persia conquered Babylon. Now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed, he went into his house; and his windows being open in his chamber toward Jerusalem…. Hi Jeffrey. How crazy is that? Over 50,000 words of in depth discovery questions, teaching points, and applications cover each chapter in 23 lessons. God punished all of them. Strengths: See Daniel 6:4-5 for a summary of Daniel’s character. He was a wise man, an adviser in the personal service of Nebuchadnezzar (1:19-20). When and where he lived: Daniel grew up in a turbulent time. For hundreds of years, a descendant of David had been on the throne in Jerusalem—well, besides one imposter queen (2 Ki 11:1–3). This ruler thinks he’s a god, and might even be wiser than Daniel: Behold, you are wiser than Daniel;There is no secret that is a match for you. This probably takes place before Daniel has finished adolescence. Daniel is the hero of the biblical Book of Daniel. I heard that ancient Babylonion records actually mention Daniel (by his Babylonion name Belteshezzar). He was young, likely 16-18 at this time, good-looking, intelligent, and wise. He was patient. The king doesn’t make it any easier on the magicians and diviners, either—he doesn’t even tell them what the dream was. He wasn’t brash or prideful or rude about his beliefs, but he stood by his convictions with courage and boldness (1:8, 6:10-11). Daniel lived in Babylon for over 60 years, into his eighties. Another trait of Daniel's was judgment, so extraordinary as to make his name proverbial for that quality. Yet Daniel can interpret the dream. We want to help you study the Bible, obey the Bible, and teach the Bible to others. Beautifully done, thoroughly enjoyed reading through this and using some of this material. He also studied literature and learned to be at least bilingual. Daniel Esterhuizen ( also a Daniel). Daniel also distinguished himself wherever he turned (6:3). See the example of his dealings with the commander of the officials in chapter 1 (1:8-16). May the Lord continue to bless you and your work! He’s a righteous and wise hero of the Old Testament whose decisions save the lives of many. You know what the magicians’ response is? So the first characteristic of Daniel was his fidelity to religious convictions. Yep: the book of Daniel. He pronounced the true meaning of dreams and visions, even when those would be negative and unpopular (4:19,27; 5:22,25-28). Many important things were revealed to Daniel because God knew what kind of person Daniel was. Steadfast/uncompromising – Daniel lived in a foreign culture and was continually pressured to give in to sinful customs and practices (peer pressure). Name: Daniel- God is Judge (Belteshazzar)- May Bel protect his life. Many thanks for this great article. But that doesn’t mean Daniel can interpret every dream. I just need to break it all down for a 3 year old to understand. Daniel told Nebuchadnezzar his dream and its interpretation, See his example when Arioch came to execute him and all the other wise men, he stood by his convictions with courage and boldness. The visions about the future of the world. Daniel was merely a boy when he was forced to leave everything he knew. The part left out lays the groundwork for how Daniel became so prominent in the land. When Daniel knew that the writing was signed, he went into his house (now his windows were open in his room toward Jerusalem) and he kneeled on his knees three times a day, and prayed, and gave thanks before his God, as he did before. Daniel is made an officer in Babylon by four kings: The name “Daniel” means “[the Jewish] God has judged.” But the Babylonians give him a new name: “Belteshazzar.” This new name means “Bel protect him,” with Bel being the name of a Babylonian god (4:8). Maybe he just wants to show off “pet” Israelite royalty to people who visit his palace. Love this! Special traits: God gave the Daniel (like Joseph) the gift to understand dreams and visions and give the correct interpretation (1:17, 2:24). Noah got drunk and naked (Gen 9:21). In 605 B.C., the dynasty was in its twilight years. This is bizarre, because the Babylonians have a temple—and a temple is specifically built so gods can live with humans. When faced with a dilemma, he prayed to God and asked God to show him His favor and compassion (1:9, 2:17-18, 6:10-11, 9). Special traits: God gave the Daniel (like Joseph) the gift to understand dreams and visions and give the correct interpretation (1:17, 2:24). Wait… There Were How Many Herods?! Place in history: Daniel has an important place in history. This is when the whole lions’ den episode takes place. It would have easy for him to become prideful, but he never did. Daniel was also one of three satraps, who ruled over the Persian kingdom. This site uses cookies to analyze traffic and ensure you get the best experience. Daniel is one of them (1:6). They say that a spirit of the holy gods lives within him (Da 4:8–9, 18; 5:11, 14). I prefer to read as much as I can to learn for myself. Help us continue to create Bible study resources by supporting Study and Obey for as little as $1. Join our email list, and we’ll send you some of our best free resources—plus we’ll tell you whenever we make something new. Gabriel is told to tell Daniel what’s going on (8:15–19). by Jeffrey Kranz | Oct 29, 2016 | Bible characters, Bible facts | 18 comments. When he approached the commander of the officials he also did so with humility and respect. I don’t know about what or who inspired them but they were still very interesting. Nebuchadnezzar’s criteria for serving in his court includes physical appearance (Da 1:4). Daniel is placed in a position to oversee the people who relied on other gods to enlighten them. Daniel was also very regular in his devotion to his God. He prayed three times a day in the sight of others, not as a show, but to show … Thanks. And Daniel’s fame isn’t a royal family secret. I am putting together a sermon for this Sabbath at the Seventh Day Adventist church and really enjoyed the context of this lesson and how you made the writings real to our contemporary times. Sign up for our newsletter to receive your free Bible study E-book of Hebrews. At that time, the church was started purely for political reasons. All the captives need to be able to pass a three-year course in Babylonian language and literature, but Daniel and his friends are found to be 10 times wiser than all the experienced magicians and enchanters in the whole kingdom (Da 1:20). Conviction means you have set boundaries for your life. Piety, moral integrity, and the favour of God, he preferred to the pleasures and prizes of life. We create research-based articles and handy infographics to help people understand the Bible. Ancestry and family life: We know that Daniel was a young man of the nobility and was the cream of the crop of the Israelites (1:3-4). Use Your Time At Home During Covid-19 to Study the Word! You have to be a looker and a thinker to make it in the palace. He served some of the most powerful leaders in the history of the world. A law was even passed forbidding the worship of anyone/anything except the Persian king. In fact, when his political opponents tried to get dirt on him, their only option was to make it illegal to obey God (Da 6:4–5). I used my favorite Bible study tool, Logos Bible software, to do research that made this post possible. Firstly we can learn from Daniel’s example in all the areas of his strengths. This has always been my favorite book of the old testament. The Beginner’s Guide, Nebuchadnezzar, after Daniel interprets his dream (2:48), Belshazzar, after Daniel reads the original “handwriting on the wall” (5:29), Darius the Mede, because Daniel had an “extraordinary spirit” (, Cyrus the Persian, for reasons unknown … but the guy had a great résumé by then (. Important acts and events: Interpreting the dreams for Nebuchadnezzar on two occasions. It’s cool in and of itself that Daniel is being quoted by a contemporary. This deserves a point all to itself. He was taken as a captive for just these reasons. You can read the whole story in Ezekiel 14:12–23. When that happens, Daniel goes for option #2 of those listed above: he asks one of the people in his dream to interpret what is happening for him (Da 7:15–16). Help us continue to create Bible study resources by supporting Study and Obey for as little as $1..fusion-button.button-2{width:auto}Support.