Also is it realistic to complete 1 exam with 3 months of study and full time employment? I want to improve further my skills by pursuing CMA. How do you rate it? Unfortunately the answer is no in this case… I don’t think any certification can be used to waive this exam now that there are only 2 parts. Can I doing CA with any paper concession.Can I work in any European countrie. Wouldn’t be surprising given they have the officially endorsed materials. Rather than reading/memorizing the book/key points which takes a lot of time to perfect, I would go thru the MCQs one by one, try to understand what is the question and maybe go back to the relevant point in the book and so on. This can be a downside to the program, but considering that the program is only 6 months long for both parts, a 2-year access is more than enough time for most candidates. I say this because it happened to me and it’s a very easy trap to fall into. There are stipulations though. You get full access of study unit 1 with the free trial (no time limit):, Are you aware of Gleim changing their prices in October 2015? Speed will come with practice. I know it’s not your issue but overall I don’t really find their product attractive. A guide of this type is even more important for those candidate who don’t have a strong background in Accounting and Finance. When comparing CMA review courses based on video lecture content, consider both quantity and quality. CMA course material often comprises: CMA review courses for each exam part can be purchased separately or as a complete set. From what I know, you can get Wiley Learning System on Amazon but not the other major providers. I have Wiley and gleim from 2015. is it possible to use them for june and september exams ? I have my own thoughts on local coaching classes (may or may not apply to Edupristine) so it’s worth some research on the instructor before proceeding: I don’t have practical experience in accounts, so do you reckon Gleim is better for me considering my BCOM? Regards, Stephanie. My advice to candidates is to know all topics at an expert level. I honestly don’t know what exactly that means but I understand that they’ve had joint promotions before. The notes are great and explain the concepts well with classroom recordings (videos). Hi Nathan, I have a bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Masters degree in Finance…last exam given qas in 1997. If you register now, you will be eligible for the student membership. The 2 parts of the CMA exam assess candidates for their familiarity with a body of knowledge related to the areas of management accounting and financial management. Regards, Stephanie. can you become a finance manager just by doing CMA? But then they have increased the price substantially. I picked gleim because of superior reviews everywhere (not just here). It specializes in treating disorders such... What is yoga? As many of us dwell on reading the books for too long Hock CMA is also highly affordable. b) concepts as well as numerical examples explained. I have noticed that criteria you have used for evaluation are number of practice questions, money back guarantee etc. You can find my evaluation here: I am in Netherlands and work as a financial professional for a few years (first audit, financing, controlling). If you’re worried about sticking to a tight schedule, don’t be. If the exam taker is like me who’s working and has only few hours to spend for self study (I’m not attending any class),Gleim is highly recommended. If you already have Hock then I would suggest to continue using it. Today i came to know from one of the CMA certified institute in Dubai, as a promotion CMA is waiving off membership fee of 235$ & the annual membership fee for 2 years are also waived. ? Anyway, I see that you asked questions over there so I assume you’ve read it. That works too. I’m going to use Gleim and not Becker for CPA. I’m wondering whether the review courses – especially Gleim – include actual teaching material/lectures so as to enable reviewers to learn in case one is a bit rusty/unfamiliar with some parts of the exam material? If I were in your shoes, I would prepare for the Jan/Feb testing window. Hello Stephanie, I’ll take a look at exammatrix. Please be aware that the instructor makes or breaks your learning experience but unfortunately instructors come and go, or move around between institutions. I would highly recommend that you purchase Gleim review course. I usually don’t recommend local coaching classes, because I don’t know enough about their instructors. Hi, Please don’t misguide people just to earn some extra bucks. I am considering taking the CMA. I believe the rule is the same for CMA, but it is a global certification and I believe IMA is happy to resolve the issue with you in advance (emphasis: has to be in advance). Your Personal Counselor helps you create a study plan, answers your questions, and encourages you throughout your exam journey. I am a BCom & MBA finance Graduate. Section E. Internal Controls, Gleim, on the other hand, does not follow this structure. Currently asking the Gleim Team and other providers to give me the updates. Follow-up question: So, even though I have the Wiley text book and flash cards, it sounds like you still feel I should go with Gleim’s online mcq’s and test banks over Wiley’s. Hi Anil, quite possibly. Looking forward to the reponse on this one. There are many different options for CMA exam prep courses. Hi Mohammed, but the book should include the online test bank, or did you get the books from your friend or second-hand? Surgent offers a money-back guarantee as long as you are a "good student" (parameters include how much time you spend on the questions and the percentage of questions you answer correctly at the end). There is one new section in Part 1. Also, I am thinking of using same Hock $299 material for Part1 and appear for the exam after I can hit +75% on quizzes and mocks. Yes they do have videos, sometimes on the subject matter but in many cases it’s going through the classic but more complex questions. With that said about me, which of the two books will be the most helpful. Could you pls help me regarding the changes made in 2016 edition. Regards, Stephanie. Going over the material is good for learning the concepts but it’s equally important to practice using retired MCQs. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly Stephanie. If yoս are going for beѕt сontents ⅼike I do, Thanks. Hi Mohamed, only small difference. I’d be glad to help nathan at, Hi Nathan I couldn’t get through CMA multiple choice question in two attempts (Part-1), I understood, I am not succeeding to understand the questions properly. CMA Exam Academy does not offer flash cards, however you may find the audio lessons a nice alternative for on-the-go learning. The Gleim CMA Review System offers an integrated learning approach with video lectures, a test bank with the most detailed answer explanations, audio reviews, textbooks, an essay test bank, and an adaptive platform. I am giving myself just two months to prepare for both part. If possible what exam resources would you suggest? What would you do if you were in my position? Gleim is a very popular option among CMA candidates. Good point! I have Gleim review material. I don’t enjoy reading as my eyes get easily tired and when I saw how THICK Wiley book is my first expression was OMG! At least there are discussions boards where I can research if anyone else had the same issue and of course google. Yeah I think Gleim doesn’t follow the default order of the official syllabus, but they don’t think they mix things up across section so you can still identify the section by name. They are new in the CMA space but worth checking out based on your budget. 2. Waiting for your reply Their material is so outdated except the format (becase the format CMA’s exam remains the same). For full refund details. i am planning to do the exam of part 1 & part 2 in May & june, i have also some experience & knowledge of accounting and finance. Give it a try and see if it also helps you! you can look it up online on wikipedia. I have some concerns. The new Wiley CMAexcel course is really good and it comes with flashcards. If you don’t purchase CMA review with unlimited course access, you may also have to pay course renewal fees. For now, I’ve removed your contact info to protect your privacy. Hi Stephanie, I’m not sure if my comment will count or not but I had used Wiley as well as Gleim so my views might be acceptable . Kindly guide. it was not 4:30pm but duration 4:30 hours. That’ll come naturally. Both courses cover some classic practice questions step-by-step in the end of each chapters. Instead, you must reach the levels of knowledge listed in the ICMA’s Content Specification Outlines (CSOs). 1/ I like Gleim review materials a lot but I am out of school for so long (over 10+ years) thus I think I need more in-dept explanation. I’m leaning more towards Gleim, however, I’m not sure how strong of an accounting background is necessary to understand the material. Your email address will not be published. Many thanks. Sure you can. Thanks Cheers, Stephanie. I am pretty good in accounting my over all average for my major is A- If that is any help, in you making a suggestion on books. Hi Rob, Hi Syed, Good news! I’m a CPA and used Wiley first for CMA exam. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, best cma online course will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative ideas from themselves. To give you somewhat of an idea download the files found on this page and get a feel for the type of questions you may get asked. The practice questions in the Wiley CMA test bank are not as complex and comprehensive as I had hoped. Anyway, let’s figure out whether you want to go for CPA/CMA/CIMA first Regards, Stephanie, Hello Stephanie, please your feedback on this,if I can use it instead of wiley. I am based in India and was thinking of enrolling into a classroom training because I think it would be better to have a fact to face interactive training where concepts could be explained in details and also doubts can be cleared quickly. I do have a writeup on my experience so far: Thousands of candidates have used these secrets to pass the exam on the first try. Furthermore, they’re convenient, as you can download them to have with you wherever you go. please advice. take one name, Gleim, Hock or Wiley in respect to pass exam.