Until further notice, the University of Arizona, in accordance with the guidelines recommended by the ... Staff. (602) 542-7140, Compliance Specialist/Archaeologist Approach the student as any other student having difficulty in class and inquire about what might be impacting progress.

Indoors and Outdoors. • Sports You will only receive a faculty notification if a student requests different accommodations or a new student requests accommodations. Box 210184, Tucson, AZ 85721.

and all initial consultation (NHPA, State Act, NEPA, non-mandated reviews, etc) should be routed through this email, with attachments, to be logged in by SHPO admin.

Administration . Head Coach: Herm Edwards Offensive Coordinator: Rob Likens (QB Coach) Defensive Coordinator: Danny Gonzales (AHC) Assistants on the Arizona State 2019 Coaching Staff: Marvin Lewis (Special Advisor) Nate Wainwright (Chief of Staff) Shaun Aguano (RB Coach) Dave Christensen (OL Coach) Charlie Fisher (WR Coach) Donnie Yantis (TE Coach) Shawn Slocum (Asoc … Manage Your Business. Meeting with interpreters and computer assisted real time (CART) or voice to text providers periodically to ensure communication access, Providing and adhering to a course syllabus which includes test/quiz dates and due dates for assignments, Providing lecture outlines, notes, and/or copies of overheads for all students to reference during class, Speaking clearly and slowing down if you typically speak quickly or have an accent, Introducing each lecture with a brief overview of the previous class information, Using verbal and visual highlighting for major concepts and terminology, Giving assignments both orally and in written form, Verbally describing or explaining charts, diagrams, and graphs, Demonstrating new procedures, whenever possible, Discussing information presented on the board or on transparencies, Encouraging active use of office hours for information clarification, Encouraging students to tape lectures or pair up to share and discuss the day’s lecture notes, Encouraging students to form study and discussion groups, Being student centered to create a low anxiety situation and optimal learning for the whole class, Approaching teaching and learning from a multi-sensory perspective, Using and creating materials that focus on students’ experiences, opinions, and reactions, Assisting qualified students in finding student note takers or providing them with lecture notes, Contacting the DRC with questions and for assistance regarding individual student needs, Preparing course notes, handouts, and overheads in advance and making them available to all students, in advance, through an accessible website (Contact: Samuel DiGangi, Associate Vice President, University Technology Office, 480-965-2047), Using voluntary student response options when possible to allow for differences in student response time.

However, presentation of the lesson objectives may vary depending on an individual student’s skills and abilities. (602) 542-7159, Cultural Resources Compliance Manager If there is an accessibility concern related to your course, regardless of how the course is being delivered, please contact your Disability Access Consultant (DAC). "We're worried, primarily about the safety of the staff involved," Sputnik news agency reported Hobbs said in an interview with CNN. Social Sciences Room 413A Raquel Fareio. It is imperative that if a service provider is accessing your course, including attending on zoom, that you allow them full access.

Its focus will be to disseminate education policy research, connect research to the community and policy makers and be a key resource for policy makers. (602) 542-6998, Programs Project Specialist I

If you have any questions about these trainings, please email us at drc@asu.edu. Until we can welcome you back, stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.. "The news organisations have prematurely called Arizona… What we're going to do is prove them wrong," Bossie stated. Guide individuals with disabilities who need assistance to the nearest exit or area of rescue (usually the stair landings) and if no smoke is present close any fire doors. Vienna DeLuca. Faculty have access to the Faculty Portal of DRC Connect.

Send an email to drc@asu.edu and provide the following information: In order to provide the extended time accommodation for online courses the timing of the online exams and/or quizzes needs to be adjusted.

The DRC recommends that faculty put statements in their syllabus and in other student communication locations, letting students know they are available to discuss disability and other student’s issues that may arise in their classes.

(602) 542-7120, Compliance Specialist/Archaeologist 50400 Kuala Lumpur

• Images Additional Resources to assist faculty in Designing an Accessible Course /Classroom. Search the Official Website of the State of Arizona. When essential elements of a course are clearly defined, the appropriateness of a requested accommodation is clear or can be negotiated, thus avoiding inconsistencies in standards which could open the door to litigation. Keep in mind, not all students are at ease with this process. Hobbs confirmed reports that some protesters …

Direct individuals with disabilities to avoid elevators, as elevators are operable by emergency rescue personnel only. Email : helpdesk[at]bernama.com, • General Eric Vondy, evondy@azstateparks.gov However, they usually self-identify because they require an accommodation. Search Agency Directory Service Directory Employee Directory Viewing Options Font Size A-A A+ High Contrast On Off. Educational Outreach and Student Services, Public Service and The maps, reports, and other information and content on this website are provided as a public service for informational purposes only. If you have students with accommodations such as interpreters, CART, captioning, and/or transcripts, it is imperative that you notify us immediately that you are planning to use videos.

PO Box 210026 We are highly encouraging all faculty to administer their exams remotely to reduce the need for students with disabilities to come into a location. Historical Information. Leave the building and immediately notify the ASU Department of Public Safety of the location/s of the individual/s with disabilities in need of evacuation assistance. Social Sciences Room 405 Jessica Dennes. 2019 Arizona State Coaching Staff. David Jacobs, djacobs@azstateparks.gov Discover AZ . • Politics (602) 542-4009, Deputy SHPO Christopher Cody, ccody@azstateparks.gov • Contact Us PLEASE NOTE:   SHPO now has a general mailbox, azshpo@azstateparks.gov All initial correspondence related to the historic preservation program (CLGs, tax act credits, NR nominations, etc.) Joanna Brace, jbrace@azstateparks.gov (602) 542-7138, Historic Properties Program Manager We are constantly tweaking our formula so that we can find the sweet spot of when a coach is technically on the hot seat. State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) Staff PLEASE NOTE: SHPO now has a general mailbox, azshpo@azstateparks.gov All initial correspondence related to the historic preservation program (CLGs, tax act credits, NR nominations, etc.) Search the Official Website of the State of Arizona. Visiting Arizona. • Videos Please contact the DRC on your campus for more information. Pat Dahlen, pdahlen@azstateparks.gov • Thoughts • Security Policy, National Economic Recovery Plan (PENJANA), Vaccines expected in March, says Australia health chief, Australian Prime Minister says held phone conversation with Biden, Malaysia welcomes joint statement on AOIP -- PM Muhyiddin, Medan 88 residents must come forward for COVID-19 screening - Health DG, COVID-19: MOH fears movement of six million people in Klang Valley, NS may lead to rise in cases. Administrative Associate and Assistant to the Director, Research Specialist, Archaeological Records Office, Curator of Ethnohistory and affiliated Professor of History and Law, Assistant Coordinator, Repatriation and Repository, Curatorial/Museum Assistant, Archaeological Repository, Library Specialist, Archaeological Records Office, Research Specialist and Assistant Repatriation Coordinator, Director and Associate Professor of Anthropology, Project Conservator, Conservation Laboratory, Head of Operations and Visitor Services, Associate Conservator, Conservator and Head of Preservation, Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, Professor of Anthropology, and Professor of American Indian Studies, Library Specialist, Mandated Programs Archivist, Curator of Mediterranean Archaeology, Professor of Art History, Anthropology, and Affiliated Faculty in the Department of Religious Studies and Classics, Curatorial/Museum Specialist, Archaeological Repository, Arizona Antiquities Act Administrator, Archaeological Permits Office, Associate Director, Associate Curator of Bioarchaeology and Associate Professor of Anthropology, Assistant Curator of Zooarchaeology and Manager of the Stanley J. Olsen Laboratory of Zooarchaeology, Curatorial Museum Specialist, Office of Ethnohistorical Research, The University of Arizona UPDATED 11/9/20: Our galleries remain temporarily closed to the public. (602) 542-7141, Architect (602) 364-0059, Administrative Assistant There are also instructions within this Canvas course: You can also watch the following ASUOnline video.