Or you can simply sit riverside at the famous “Troublemaker Rapid” and watch rafts navigate the waters, play volleyball, take a swim in the pool or let the kids fish in the pond located within our campground area. Come and raft the Class 4/5 North Fork of the American with us in April and May this year while we still have excellent water flows. The North Fork of the American River is a wild and scenic river fed by spring runoff only and its Class V rapids are sure to get any adventurer's attention!!! Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park. The primary advocate for the preservation and protection of whitewater rivers throughout the United States and connects the interests of human-powered recreational river users with ecological and science-based data to achieve goals within our mission. Pre-orders available at the time of booking or purchase and receive your photos that day. © 1999-2020 American Whitewater This is a great trip for first timers and experienced rafters alike. As we enter the 2018 whitewater rafting season, we will continue to maintain complete attention to detail and quality. In a joint project with the River Management Society, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), US Forest disappointment. Cots, chairs and sleeping bags are available for rent too! Whitewater Connection has been running river trips for over 30 years! You might even have a browser called Microsoft Edge When I got to be president I vetoed 16 different dam Carter on three trips on the Chatooga River, totaling 57 miles. The easiest American River rafting trips are suitable for children ages 4 and up Intermediate rafting is perfect for most kids (ages 7-8+) and suitable for non-swimmers and first timers alike. This includes Tuolumne River rafting and Merced River rafting near Yosemite National Park, rafting on the North Fork of the Stanislaus River near Calaveras Big Trees State Park and Klamath River Rafting in Northern California not far from Mount Shasta. Several Congressional offices have reached out to American Service (USFS), and National Park Service (NPS), American Whitewater has published the River Access Planning Guide. 21 bridge (2 miles+11 miles), GA SR 135 in Echols Co. to Fla SR 150 on the Alapaha, through Gates of the Arctic National Park, Evansville: Lake Leota to Madison Street (0.25-0.8 mile), Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Management Area to SR 337, 1. He was 83. 1/4 day floats to 4-day trips with all meals, shuttles and expert river guides. The legislation also includes protection In 1974, Terry took then-Gov. If you are in a hurry, we can also email them to you. Over the past two weeks we have been working For those looking for extra action and excitement, April and May offer the spring runoff at it’s peak when rivers are flowing high and fast. That’s right, you don’t need to be an athlete, just in reasonable physical condition. The dam controlled flows on the South and Middle Forks of the American River offer consistent water levels for thrilling rafting experiences all season long. This inspired Carter to get the Loop 360 to Zilker Park (Austin) (3.75 miles), Rt. It jostles over friendly Class II-III rapids and meanders through the … Our success is due to our commitment to provide our customers with the best possible outdoor experience. Only ARR's registered guests have permission to access the shore on our side of Troublemaker. If you are in a hurry, we can also email them to you. California (Coloma): American River whitewater rafting since 1969--Based out of Lotus on the South Fork of the American River, O.A.R.S. Confluence with Middle Fork to Folsom Lake, 3. Offering high quality whitewater river adventures on California's best rivers. One, two and three day trips "perfect for kids 7 to 75!" Our success is due to our commitment to provide our customers with the best possible outdoor experience. through for an excellent obituary and a photo of Terry taking Governor Carter over Bull Sluice! Our camp features hot showers and flush toilets, and an extensive irrigation system that keeps the camp green and lush through out the hot summer months. river access project is developed and provide guidance for a step-by-step process that leads to Senators, combines the Land and Water Conservation Fund Permanent Funding Act and Restore Our Whitewater Rafting. 257(County Road 41) to Walston Bridge, Rt. For those of you who have joined us before, we appreciate your support and we hope to see you again soon. 1 (4.5 miles NW of Finland) to Finland (5.4 miles), A) Finland to Eckbeck campground (5.2 miles), B) Eckbeck campground to Lake Superior (4 miles), 2. Chisolm Trail Rd to CR 122 (Red Bud Ln) (5.5 miles), 2. To sit on the rocks and watch the action up close is a lot of fun and a favorite of many or our guests. 12 to Au Sable Forks, Headwaters at The Basin to Middle Fork Eel, Athens City Park to Pioneer Road (1.4 miles), CTH.KP at Olson Road to Hudson Road (4.75 miles). We are approximately 1 hour from Sacramento, 2 1/2 hours from the Bay Area or Reno and 1 1/2 hours from South Lake Tahoe. to Hwy. RR bridge (7.6 or 4.3 miles). California (Coloma): American River whitewater rafting since 1969--Based out of Lotus on the South Fork of the American River, O.A.R.S. Use our easy action form to Pre-orders available at the time of booking or purchase and receive your photos that day. B) Red Granite: Hwy.169 to Devil's Gate (PnH or 6.3 miles) *... C) Devil's Gate to Elm Hoist Rd (4.3 to 19.5 miles) ** ACCES... D) Elm Hoist Rd to Odanah (20.4 miles) ** ACCESS ISSUES **, N2300 Rd to Vermilion River (0.5-1.5 miles), Moon Valley Drive to end of gradient (0.6 mile), 2) Baker Lake to SW Branch St. John River, Ed Banks Road to Weyerhauser Road 52200 (3 miles), North Cascades National Park to Baker Lake, Hwy.45 to M Br Ontonagon to Hwy.45 (5.9 + 3.3 miles), Independence Station Road to Doe Run confluence (5 miles), Rte. We had to make the difficult decision to discontinue support of Internet Explorer that now makes up less than 5% browser 219 to confluence with Blackwater River, 1. Hardware Ranch to Hyrum City Power Plant, Rt. Hwy.K west of Annapolis to Sam A. Baker State Park (19.2 mil... Low water bridge to Old Iron Bridge (12 miles), Roswell (Grimes Bridge Rd to Vickery Creek Park), Hill Cemetery to Richland Creek (2.75+2 miles). Take a walking tour, hike or mountain bike through California’s rich and colorful history! In 1969 We just got back from a week in DC working to make it happen and all indications are that Neola to the Blue Bend Recreation Area. The American River is the most popular whitewater rafting destination in California, and for good reason! We are 5 minutes walking distance of Marshall Gold Discovery State Park, the location where gold was first discovered in California in 1848. When the spring runoff subsides, and summer fully arrives, water flows remain fairly consistent and temperatures rise to the 90’s and 100’s, creating ideal rafting weather. Blue River Campground to Columbine Landing, 03. Once at our deluxe campground relax and unwind and get ready to have some fun, paddle rafting thrills. And for those of you considering your first river trip with Whitewater Connection, we look forward to sharing with you our unique approach to providing a superb river adventure! California (Angels Camp): California whitewater rafting since 1969 - Based in the Sierra Foothills, O.A.R.S. to Glen Avon Falls (2.85 miles), Backbone Rock Park to Laurel Creek (Damascus), Taft Center or County Bridge at Glade Creek to Caney Fork, KY 1005 to Kentucky R. at Frankfort (5.1 miles), Highway 8 Bridge (West of Deary) to Kendrick High School, Bridge on FS road off Highway 8/111 to Highway 127, Headwaters to Route 377 Cranston Road (3.3 miles), 4: Sundial (Pettry Bottom) to Whitesville, Whitesville to JM Protan community center access, 1) Bridge on Forest Service Route 7 to Trimmer Springs Road, Big Creek (Tributary of Middle Fork Salmon River), Big Creek Airstrip to Cache Bar, Middle Fork of Salmon, 2. With all the wildflowers, trees, wildlife, and sunshine keeping your senses occupied, it’s easy to forget that you are getting ready to paddle into some of the best whitewater rafting in North America. We offer fun, relaxing, and thrilling white water rafting trips on the three Forks of the American River for individuals, families, friends, and groups of all sizes. projects all over the United States." The good news is you can probably browse the site fine on your phone or install one of many other browsers to access the site. Below Blackwater Falls to North Fork Confluence, 1. movie "Deliverance." The American River has three Forks that offer a varied level of difficulty, adventure, and excitement making the American River a rare gem amongst recreation destinations. Cherokee Park Rd (near Trails End) to Halligan Res. American Whitewater Releases New River Access Planning Guide 12/05/2019 - by Evan Stafford. No special skills are necessary. represents a historic move to protect over 1.1 million acres of public lands as wilderness in Trips on the South Fork of the American River, Trips on the Middle Fork of the American River. The 3 Forks of the American River offer up some great whitewater rafting no matter what your experience or skill level to reach your thrill threshold!